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6 Hacks to Plan a Successful Event

Event planning is a stressful business. However, the joy of a happy ending and happy attendees is pure bliss. If you are planning to organize an event, chances are that you’re already worrying about whether people would turn up or not, will the food suffice, will the décor theme resonate with the event’s agenda, and a hundred other such questions. This is especially true if you decide to organize the event yourself rather than hiring a wedding & event planning services company. But, fret not folks, because here’s a compilation of all those tips and trick they don’t mention in the books – a list of things to do for a successful event.

1. Set Your Goal and Develop a Vision

This sounds like an obvious step, however, you must be on the same page as the idea of the event to plan it well. Is it a birthday party, a wedding, or a conference? You should have an idea of the attendee persona, the food, the décor, and the objective of the event before you start out. Take a notebook and pen it down. Once you’re done with it, start setting goals and deadlines. This is the first thing that a professional company would do.

While you do this, ensure that the date of the event you picked is convenient for the intended guests to attend. Is it a working day? Is it a holiday or a weekend? You will get the right idea.

2. Get a Trustworthy Team

Have a list of the sub-committees and delegate to them specific tasks, ranging from venue management, entertainment, food, finance, and the like. Apart from having a good team, you must ensure that each member is trustworthy. A wedding & event planning company often maintains their own team of professionals. Hiring such a service provider could free you of this responsibility.

3. Collect Enough Data

Go through your data thoroughly and know it well. Avoid taking any decision without verifying if it is in accordance with the data you have collected. Go ahead and conduct surveys, learn from them, as well as from your past failures. If you are from a wedding company, this can prove to be very helpful when you face clients who are adamant about things that did not work in the past. You can show them numbers that speak out loud and clear.

4. Create the Minutes of Your Event on Paper

It is crucial to visualize and create a timeline for your event day, particularly if you are a wedding & event planner with huge schedules and hundreds of details to fit into a single event. Doing this, will ensure that you are aware of each precise detail of the event is taken care of. An example of the same –

7:00 pm Musicians arrive

7:30 pm Catering crew is set

8:00 pm Doors open

8:30 pm Cake cutting

5. Create a Budget

This is a tedious yet inevitable task. The best way to go about it would be to use MS Excel sheets and make a table with headers such as Item, Estimated cost, Vendors, and the like. Include a column at the end to track your actual expenses and avoid going beyond your stipulated budget. Make sure you note down everything, right from catering to sound equipment. Write down the names your vendors and the prices they charge. It does sound like a lot, but Microsoft has a few templates to ease your work.

6. Capture the Event Well

A picture speaks a thousand words. However, it must not be you capturing the pictures at the event. Compel your attendees to take part in it, create hashtags, and let your attendees show off your event for you. Remember that everything you use for the décor and in your theme is something people are going to use as backdrops. Make it effective. If you are from a professional planner, this could speak volumes for your profile, if done right.

In the end, your event is a reflection of your hard work and ideas. And if you think this is too hard, you can hire KavoossiKonsulting professional planner, a wedding & event planning services company around Orange County, Los Angeles & San Diego area.

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6 Hacks to Plan a Successful Event