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What is the Most Important Step in Planning A Wedding?

What is the Most Important Step in Planning A Wedding?

A wedding is probably the most significant event of your life. That’s why you need to ensure that there is no improvisation while planning a wedding. Managing a wedding can be a challenge. Whether you are thinking of hiring wedding coordinators in Los Angeles or managing it yourself, a wedding can take a toll on you if it’s not perfectly organized.

By planning, you get a lot of time in your hand for the actual wedding. It is understandable that you need everything to fall into place – from the placement of lilies to the arrangement of guests. However, most professional wedding planners suggest that planning a wedding on your own can be stressful. That’s why we have comprised a few steps that you can take to ensure you are relaxed while planning a wedding.

5 steps to take while planning a wedding

Following are the most important steps in planning a wedding that will offer you a sense of relief on the wedding day knowing that everything is in its place –

1. Set the budget

Probably one of the most significant aspects of planning a wedding is the budget. You should determine how much you want to spend and who’s going to help you if you need more money. Discuss with your spouse whether the parents are paying for it or not. Once the budget is set, you can decide if you should hire Los Angeles wedding planners who are do-it-yourself.

2. Map out the timeline

The next thing you’d want to do is map out the timeline for each and every activity that you wish to do for the wedding. You must schedule your calendar for everything – from the date when the wedding planners start to the date when you have to pick up your dresses. Planning ahead will ensure that activities that take a lot of time are completed before the wedding.

3. Guestlist decision

You have to decide how many guests you want to invite to the wedding. This is the stepping stone to a lot of wedding preparations like finalizing the venue, food menu, and much more. Whether you want a wedding with 500 guests or 50, it’s totally up to you. However, deciding in advance will help you identify the resources you’ll need to serve all of them.

4. Hire vendors

If you are skipping on hiring wedding coordinators in Los Angeles, finding vendors could be a challenge. However, you can ask family and friends for references of a band, beverage caterer, technician, lighting vendor, and others. You must set up a meeting with all vendors for the assurance that everything will be provided at the appropriate time.

5. Relax

The most important step in planning a wedding is to relax. It’s a big day for you and having too many things on your mind is not a good thing. Leave everything to Los Angeles wedding planners and just dress in style. Relax before the big day and enjoy it to the fullest.

Don’t stress too much about planning the wedding. You should take it one step at a time and be okay if anything is missed. After all, it’s about you and the people who are attending the wedding – Make it worth the while.

What is the Most Important Step in Planning A Wedding?
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Hire Experienced San Diego Wedding Planners

Hire Experienced San Diego Wedding Planners

A Wedding day is probably the long-awaited and most exciting day of your life, and you need to make sure it’s perfect. Designing a marriage is not a straightforward task. it’s chaotic, and you and your finances are certain to drift within the method. Therefore, it’s suggested to hire an experienced wedding planner to help you and guide you thru the marriage designing amount.

Follow the following pointers and suggestions to search out the most effective San Diego Wedding planners, to give you the wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

1. Do Your Homework

Before hiring a marriage planner, you want to make certain of specifically what you’re trying to find your huge day. Once you’re sure of the expectations, it’ll be easier for you to narrow down the services. you want to make sure that the marriage planners that you just are coming up with your wedding with have antecedently worked on an identical kind.

You may ask for their previous work and conjointly point out the comes they need working on earlier. It’ll assist you to decide if the marriage planner is best suited to your wedding.

2. Choose Your Wedding Budget

wedding & event planning San Diego

Finalizing the budget can assist you and your wedding planner to be a lot of correct and sensible in coming up with your special occasion. If you’ve got a high budget, you want to confirm the planner has antecedently worked on similar events.

3. Know Vendors

To realize the best event planning companies in San Diego or surrounding areas, recognize the vendors they work with is absolutely crucial. Associate in Nursing old wedding planners ought to have a solid Rolodex of wedding vendors. You ought to conjointly decide if they get a commission from their vendors.

Knowing that you just will puzzle out if the vendors are literally smart or just obtaining recommended owing to the cutoff.

4. Inquire for website

One of the foremost vital belongings you ought to ask the marriage planners is whether or not they have an internet site or a Facebook page to showcase the work they have done.

If an event planner doesn’t have a page or a website, it shows that they’re not within the business for long. Some wedding planners operate by simply carrying out tasks with e-mail addresses, and it explains that they’re simply not serious regarding their work.

Also, confirm to raise if the photos and videos on their website are from the weddings they need in-person work on. This, in itself, can assist you to eliminate individuals before interviewing them and acquire you nearer to selecting the most effective planner for your wedding.

5. Call Their References

You don’t need to hire a wedding planner right after the first meeting. you’ll be able to take some of the days to mull over your call. a way to induce some support before creating your call would be to possess an interview with their references and folks whose events they need to be catered to before.

Following these straightforward however economical steps can assist you to realize the best San Diego wedding planner to cater specifically to your desires and acquire you one step nearer to having the marriage of your dreams!

Hire Experienced San Diego Wedding Planners
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How to Plan a Birthday Party Within Your Budget?

How to Plan a Birthday Party Within Your Budget?

Birthday party planners often find themselves scratching their heads over the impending budget. Once a list comprising of all the required items has been made, the issue of cost immediately comes up. However, you need not worry too much about this because you can manage a birthday party well within your budget.

Anna Bahney had great advice in the Forbes magazine. She says the cost of a party does not matter to those participating. It is the party itself that is important. So if you cut the costs of your party, you will in no way compromise its significance. The tips below will enlighten you on how to plan a birthday party at the least possible cost.

1. Hold the Party at Home

One way of reducing the costs is to hold the party at your home. You can have everyone eat and dance in the house. Your family living room and stereo will do just fine for that purpose. You can then have people run around and play games in the backyard. The joy in their faces will be your true reward.

2. Do What You Can by Yourself

You can make invitation cards yourself instead of buying them. Your friends or children will excitedly help you with that. Alternatively, you can simply send emails. If you need balloons, you can buy them plain and decorate them before inflating. It is cheaper that way. You can also cut up your own ribbons to decorate the place and bake your cake yourself.

If it is a children’s party, they can help make the paper caps to put on their heads and you can paint their faces yourself. It is particularly important for kids birthday party planners to find a way of involving them in activities.

3. Buy Snacks Not Whole Meals

You should avoid the desire to prepare a feast for your birthday guests to avoid the steep price. You can prepare some snacks and juice instead. The trick is to make the party time fall between meals. If the guest have already taken lunch, then they will not mind something light.

4. Plan for Simple Free Games

You can have lots of simple games that don’t cost a dime. If the party is for children, you will be surprised at the number of games they will come up with. They are the experts in that area, since playing is what they do in most of their free time. Teenagers and adults enjoy games too. For instance, if you have some space, a simple race or a game of volleyball will do.

5. Shorten the Party Duration

You should plan the activities to last for a short duration. A maximum of two hours is advisable. To help manage this, you should prepare a program for the day and inform the guests about it. You can do this by including the planned activities in your invitation card or email. You can also jog their memories by announcing each activity before it happens. They will automatically know when the festivities are over.

6. Avoid Takeaway Gifts

It is great to give the guests leftovers to carry home. However, it is not a must. You can do without small gifts for them to take away. A painted face is good enough for a child to carry away with. You should take pictures to help commemorate the occasion and share them via phone or email.

7. Recycle Some Items

You will find that there are several items you used for Christmas or some other celebration. These include decorations and balloons. Some of them can be reused for the birthday party to trim down the costs. Even event management Southern California will ask you what you already have in place to cut down the budget.

Hold a Birthday Within Your Means

By adhering to the tips above, you can hold a birthday party that is well within your means. It will still be a great party without straining your budget. Remember, it is the party that matters, not the cash you spend on it.

How to Plan a Birthday Party Within Your Budget?
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5 Ideas for Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

5 Ideas for Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

Regardless of what others say or think about Wines, Wine lovers have a language and culture of their own. They explore the rich and deep world of wines and revel in its deliciousness.

However, wine tasting parties are one of the most difficult events to organize. This is because their primary purpose is not recreational. Instead, they are a way to bring together all the wine connoisseurs amongst your friend circle and give them a few hours of sheer piquant delight.

Though most people prefer to organize such a party on their own, it is also a wise choice to hire a professional wine tasting event planner. They wouldn’t just lend you a hand with the arrangements, but they would also ensure that your event maintains the impeccable trio of finesse, delicacy, and class.

Whether you decide to hire a professional party planner or choose to handle the event yourself, here are a few wines tasting party ideas that will help turn your gathering into a joyride of complete fun.

#1 Use a Scorecard

Give your wine tasting party a flicker of entertainment by playing a simple game. Bag the wines in such a way that their labels aren’t visible. Hand each one of your guests a scorecard. Now, pick up the first variety of wine and pour it.

Let them take a guess as to whether it is Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot noir, or something else. Also, have them rate it. Continue to do this with all the wines on the platter.

Finally, serve the one in which everyone rates the highest. This would make the guests more involved in both, the party and the beverage.

#2 Arrange it with Dinner

Although the wine in itself is sufficient to appease the palate, there is nothing like adding a bit of food to the mix. When explored with different kinds of contextual dishes, wine tasting parties take on a whole new dimension.

To begin with, simply provide appetizers for the guests. In this regard, crackers and mild cheese can prove to be an excellent choice as they help neutralize the taste buds thus enable the guests to easily distinguish one wine from another. Pair this up with a full three-course meal to add some extra flair.

#3 Decor with a Theme

As any wine tasting planner would tell you, nothing can beef up your party’s energy more than a theme that connects all the guests with a common thread.

For instance, if you’re holding the party during the winter break, give it the color of Christmas. Have all the guests wear red and green. Decorate your wine bottles with tiny reindeer horns.

Make a Christmas tree out of wine bottles. Similarly, you can even have region-specific themes if the wines you’re planning to serve are the specialty of a certain area.

4# Change the Venue

It is not always necessary to host a wine tasting event in your living room. You can always change the venue to induce a little excitement. Take your guests on a vineyard tour.

If you aren’t aware of the vineyards near you, hire a wine trip planner to help you locate one.

If possible, make it a day-long trip. Most vineyards provide visitors with a tour which includes tastings, pairings, and even a set of grapes to stomp on. This would ascertain that your guests can quite literally have a scrumptious time.

Apart from the above, you can also try other wine tasting party ideas like arranging for a wine club, inviting an expert to educate your guests about wines, or hosting a ‘bring your own wine’ event.

However, make sure that the idea you finally settle for is not commonplace.

#5 Get Professional Help

Above all, when hiring a professional for wine tasting event planner who can manage the task in the best possible way, look no further than Kavoossi Konsulting that provides event planning service in San Diego, Los Angeles, and surrounding SoCal areas.

Being a SoCal event party planner, the team at Kavoossi Konsulting will make sure that your event is handled with due diligence and care. In other words, your wine tasting party will seamlessly reflect your personal style and will thus enable you to make beautiful memories.

Wines are not just a drink. They are also the hub around which most people’s social lives are centered. This is precisely why it is important to ensure that your guests get to enjoy this fermented grape beverage with panache.

5 Ideas for Hosting a Wine Tasting Party
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Planning a Charismatic Wedding in Southern California

Planning a Charismatic Wedding in Southern California

For a few years now, destination weddings have become ever more popular. Getting married in a unique and exciting location is a beautiful way of plotting a memorable celebration with family and close acquaintances. Indeed, the wedding ceremony and reception in a beautiful new place far from your hometown can be idyllic. Still, to make the entire process go smoothly, you need to employ a professional wedding planner at Kavoossi Konsulting to create a delightful atmosphere for you to tie the knot in destination poles apart.

How to Plan a Charismatic Wedding in Southern California

A destination wedding is every couple’s dream. But, organizing the event in a different location where perhaps the time zone and language both are different is something couples get anxious. Including various do’s and don’ts to address, there is one vital task to consider, and that is to hire a destination wedding planner. There are two possibilities. You can either hire a planner based in your hometown or you can find out an experienced person based in the actual location of your wedding. It is always good to hire someone close to the venue.

You may perhaps consider hiring someone referred to you by your best friend or someone you already know. But, is it logical to hire someone who has never been to the destination of your wedding? The logistics involved in organizing a wedding in a completely new location is immense, and your neighbourhood planners may not have adequate knowledge and experience to do it.

The Charisma of Planning a Wedding in a Different Place

Destination weddings are utterly popular across the globe. Tying the knot in some other place poles away from your hometown is the most exciting way to make the moment memorable.

It can be a fantastic experience not only for you but also for the invitees. Planning a wedding at a distant destination can be daunting. A professional wedding planner is the one who can ease the process.

The Best Reasons to Hire a Professional Destination Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is a daunting task, especially when it is a destination wedding. There are multitudes of guesswork involved but having someone present at the locale can ease the entire process. Having professional help means getting more time to maintain the actual progress rather than researching.

Most importantly, the planner local to the destination of your wedding will speak the local language, which may be a huge concern for you to deal with the local vendors if you don’t know the language. There are many other advantages we can delve deeper into for hiring a destination wedding planner.


The planners located in the neighbourhood of your wedding venue will have better insider knowledge. Your research will never give you the level of information they have about their area.

You can make the best use of their experience. They can recommend you the best things about attractions, restaurants, accommodations, and activities in the area. Let your guests know this information and make their journey easier when travelling to the wedding destination.

At your arrival, you and your guests will have accurate details explaining where to go and what to do. Besides planning the wedding and reception, the destination planners can also recommend various spots to plan out the free time in the best possible way. They can amaze you and your guests for the duration you are there.


Destination wedding planners don’t need multiple in-person visits to the venue. They will know the right rules and regulations about the area.

They will be acquainted with the permit you may need to organize your wedding ceremony at the beach, the permission for holding bonfires at the destination, or get the approval to get married at some historic spot or landmark.

Their expertise and knowledge about the area will always keep them ready to resolve probable issues at the venue.


A destination wedding can get very pricey, but planners local to the destination of your wedding will save a considerable amount of money. They will have exact knowledge about how much the service you require should cost.

They will have contacts with various local vendors. Using these contacts they can also secure special discounts for you. If you choose wedding planners in Los Angeles, you will indeed secure the best deals.


You may not have the links to the right vendors at the destination of your wedding. The destination planners will have the right contacts.

By having them, you can get the best resources from the well-established network of their connections. Their vast experience and relationship with vendors can help you have the best vendors in the area.

Things to Consider when Hiring a Planner

After reviewing the advantages of hiring a destination planner, you may be looking forward to having one.

While researching, you will come across many names in the area, but it is crucial to hire the right person. The venue you choose may also have its planner experienced in the specific area.

As alleged, your priority should be the destination, secondly, book your dream venue, and then hire an experienced local wedding planner. Consider the matters treated below when hiring a destination wedding planner.

Do Your Homework

The planner you hire will make sure that the entire wedding ceremony is going smoothly. He/she will do the best to make your big day memorable. But before everything, you also need to perform your part of duty; i.e. carrying out researches to understand the logistics of a destination wedding.

Review the feedback’s of your dream wedding venue and speak to a customized company that can help you reach out to the best wedding planner in the locale. Being referred to a reputable planner will save our time that you could have otherwise wasted researching.

Determine Your Budget

The budget should be your first step to determine while organizing a wedding party. Find out the standard costs of weddings in the destination.

If the figure fits your pocket, proceed. When evaluating the costs, don’t overlook the travel and accommodation fees. Remember, the prices may fluctuate on account of exchange rates.

Meet with the Planner Online

Travelling to the new place once or more to meet the potential planners will indeed increase your budget. But the technology has created various ways to schedule face-to-face meetings despite the distance.

Arrange a video chat through your convenient platform before signing the contract with a planner. The video chat will help you speak with the planner before signing and determine whether he/she is a perfect fit for your big day.

Do Give Your Input on the Planning Phase

The planner you hire will be accountable to look after all the arrangements. But still, your input is also essential. Destination planners do their best to follow your work schedule.

Even if there is a different time zone, you will get full attention from the planner you hire, but you should also consider their time of working.

Wedding planning involves a lot of things and efforts, and it is good to be practical with certain things.

And at the Finishing Point, Trust the Planner

Trust is significant. Since you are hiring someone familiar with the destination, he/she will have thorough knowledge about the location, local vendors, and language people speak there.

You cannot get everything online. The know-how of destination wedding planners will surpass your own.

Experienced wedding planners in Los Angeles have planned plenty of weddings. If they suggest a change, it will be for some valid reason. These excellent planners are flexible to offer you the best ideas to plan a memorable wedding. So, trust them for their expertise.

Planning a Charismatic Wedding in Southern California
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10 Best Ways to Hire Corporate Event Management Company

10 Best Ways to Hire Corporate Event Management Company

While event planning companies near me not being a rare thing, selecting the best one for your corporate event can definitely be daunting, especially if you are pressed for time and the invitation is going to feature your name as host!

That said, you do know that the success of the next corporate event you host would solely depend on how good the event planning agency you choose is, right?

To get the right one for you, you need to look at the right places and ask the right questions. You should know for sure that this event planning company in Southern California would definitely have your back even for the upcoming events and all other events in the future however short the timeline might be.

So how do you go about this selection process? Here we are to your rescue with some quick tips!

Top Ways to Find Best Event Planning Companies in Southern California

Let us start our list with the most basic and the most obvious ones to make our list easier and more comprehensive for you.

1. Start with References or Feedback

Believe us, this is one of the most fool-proof ways to start your search. Your clients, colleagues, or friends would be the best people to give your first list of potential event planning companies in Southern California that could host your corporate event.

The best part about this list is that it is usually based on experience and someone wise has said, “Experience is Golden”!

2. Check if You Can Get Something Extra!

Getting something extra over and above the cashed deal is always a bonus. Can the event planner do something extra for your brand like possibly educate potential customers about your products or create some other value addition for your brand?

If the answer is yes, please go to them.

3. Check with Your Team

The event planning agency has to work alongside your own corporate team and it is essential that they both work together seamlessly.

You need to ensure that both parties have the same mentality and temperament to ensure the success of the event.

4. Know the Size of Your Event

Never decide your event planning agency without knowing how big the corporate event is going to be and how many guests are expected to attend.

Once you are clear on this, you would have a detailed list of all that you would need to host it and which event planner to hire for big events.

5. Don’t Go for the Looks, Search for the Real Deal

Event management is not just about looking pretty and welcoming your guests with a smile. Look for an event planning crew that is smart, knows your business and is keen on learning

6. Be Clear about the Budget You have in Mind

This is the most fundamental thing that is often missed out and gets blown out of proportion.

You have to convey your budget clearly so that the potential event planner you are interviewing can tell you if they can do a good job with that or not.

7. Research about the Event Management Company Online

In the era of internet and online reviews, you seldom have to worry about getting duped.

Read online reviews about your potential corporate event management companies and look at their references up.

Understand the kind of events they have managed in the past and check if they have done a good job within the given budget.

8. Look for Cost-effective agencies, not “Cheap” ones

Often people have the misconception that the best deal is that which is cheap and for which you get a good amount of discounts.

That’s not true. Analyze how many people you would need to manage your event and look for agencies with that much of manpower.

If you hire one with huge manpower, you would be charged for the entire team even on the off chance you don’t need them. Look for lean and cost-effective agencies that are experienced to handle things with limited manpower.

9. Do your Homework First and Interview the Cream of Your List

Research and analyze all the prospective event planning companies in Southern California and shortlist three or four from the list. Interview only these three or four, as these are the best according to your gut instinct.

10. Interview Them Thoroughly

Frame a set of questions that you would to know about the agency that would help you determine if they are a good fit to manage your corporate event. Ensure that you sit with them face-to-face at least once before deciding.

Finding the best corporate event management company is not actually a scary thing if you consider it from the right perspective. You just need to know where to look and how to look in order find the right one for your need.

10 Best Ways to Hire Corporate Event Management Company
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The Best Piece of Advice When Hiring Destination Wedding Planner

The Best Piece of Advice When Hiring Destination Wedding Planner

Ancient castles, iconic city views, and sunny beaches are some of the romantic vistas enchanted many couples to get married in a romantic new location far away from their home. Whatever destination it may be, whether the Newport, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange or some parts of Southern California, hiring a planner for a destination wedding is indeed a challenging task.

While having a destination wedding, deciding on whether to hire a local destination planner from the hometown or some local to the destination of the wedding is in most instances a huge debate within the brides and grooms.

Wedding Planner from Hometown or the Wedding Destination: Make the right choice

If you have decided to have a destination wedding you and your partner will perhaps prefer to follow the KavoossiKonsulting referred by your friends or family members who little while ago had a successful wedding arranged by the company. This logically makes sense unless the company hasn’t been to the destination you have considered to tie the knot.

A little look around will take you to various wedding planners who have ample experience in arrays of popular wedding destinations. Deciding on one who is truly experienced arranging things in the locale you have decided to get married is indeed a trick. Rather than getting into the ‘kingdom of the blind’, it is good to understand the scenario of local and national wedding planning company and compare the advantages of both.

Advantages of hiring hometown wedding planners

You can meet your hometown wedding planner in person before hiring. Having someone from the hometown it becomes easy to see whether you both match well to work with and if you are not impressed with your decision you will have a lot of opportunities.

Many people have experienced slow to no response time through both phone and emails when planning out their wedding with destination wedding vendors based far away from their hometown. Most wedding coordinators based in your locality will be used in dealing with far all categories of bride personalities. Moreover, they will probably respond to you more quickly. If we talk about vendors based in some other destination, they will not have an easy and timely respond with planners they don’t know. Even if you complain about the delays your local planner will not be able to do anything.

Indeed, having a planner from your hometown, you will have a smooth conversation with the helper at your convenience as many times as your contract permits. You will have someone experienced to help you shop your wedding dress with the best possible discount; you will have someone to help you with invitations; and also, you will have someone to discuss place-card chart.

Advantages of hiring wedding planner far away from hometown

An experienced wedding planner hired from the location of your wedding destination will have a well-examined list of vendors to choose from to book entertainer, photographer, caterer, and more. With an event planner that works with your destination, you will be spending comparatively a lot less for planning your special day. There isn’t any need to explore anything unless you have discovered something new and wish your planner checks out with the same in person.

Planners local to your wedding destination will have the best understanding of activities, accommodations, and attractions to recommend to your invitees. They will have reliable contacts more than the hometown planners to help you gain discounts on several dear services and products. Unless your hometown wedding planner has organized several events and weddings at the destination you have decided to tie the knot at there isn’t any possible way he/she will be in good shape.

Wedding planners local to your wedding destination will be acquainted with the entire surrounding. Whether you want to get married on a beach, have a bonfire, or get permission to book a historical landmark for your wedding, like a lighthouse, or a fort.

How can we overlook the occasions that can bring your local wedding planner trip on your tab to the destination you have picked for your wedding. Several people traveling with your planner and number of nights they will need to stay out at the destination will add up quite a chunk over the expected budget of your wedding in comparison with destination wedding services.

The popularity of destination weddings has tremendously grown in the past few years. It is indeed the best way for a couple to make the day more beautiful, attractive, and memorable. Celebrating your special occasion with family and close friends in a unique location is very exciting. The entire process from ‘YES’ to ‘I DO’ followed with a reception far from the hometown will ideally be beautiful and pleasurable. Indeed, a professional wedding coordinator is the most important person to have to make your entire wedding from start to end go smoothly.

The Best Piece of Advice When Hiring Destination Wedding Planner
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Corporate Event Planning Checklist

Corporate Event Planning Checklist

An organized checklist ensures that everything is been taken care of and there isn’t anything missed out due to the lapse of memory. Whether you have penned down your checklist or have researched the best ‘Corporate event planners near me’, important is to have a tool where you can keep yourself updated after each step of the event planning is accomplished.

The Exclusive Checklist That Works When Organizing a Corporate Event

The Venue

The location you choose for the event is the major thing that can take away a huge chunk out of your pocket. The venue is to be booked well in advance to make sure that it is available on the day of your event. If you are planning to hire an event planner it will be completely easy for the team to ensure that the cost of your favorite venue is within your desired budget and the décor and settings of the ambience are completely suitable to your type of event.

  • Cost – it should be within your desired budget.
  • Ambiance – it should have the décor and setting that can suit your type of corporate event. There should be enough space to accommodate the number of attendees you may have on the event day. This is necessary to ensure if you are to host a presentation.
  • Occupancy – check if the venue you want to hire is capable to accommodate the number of people you may have present in your event. Make sure that the venue also accommodates handicaps if you may have any.
  • Rooms – if you are supposed to host different workshops or need to accommodate VIP attendees, you will need separate rooms. So make sure the venue is capable to offer you multiple rooms.
  • Equipment – the venue should have a sufficient amount of equipment. If not you may need to acquire them from elsewhere.
  • Janitor – there should be a person available to clean out the trash cans and maintain the restrooms for the attendees.
  • Parking – there should be sufficient parking area. Make sure that none of the latecomers need to park their vehicles across the street.
Estimated time for each activity

Have a list of time estimate for every single activity. Setting up this timeline is important to anticipate unexpected delays and troubles like some technical issue. In easy words, if you think your presentation may take approx 50 minutes, your penned down estimated time should be 60 or 70 minutes. Prepare a separate checklist for the activities you want to have during the event. The activities may include-

  • Introduction
  • Workshop
  • Guest lecture
  • Intermission
  • Presentation
  • Closing state
  • Post-event party
Meal to be served

It’s your corporate event. At least some light appetizer should the there for the attendees present. If you are with a good budget you can also organize catering or self-serve buffet. Whatever it may be, you need to be clear on the type of foodstuffs to be organized. Here is a short checklist for the type of meal you can opt-

  • Appetizers
  • Some special dietary stuff
  • Alcohol
  • Dessert

It will be good to arrange some boxes so the attendees can pack the leftover items and take away with them. See that the venue is having a clean place to store the food and keep it fresh and warm until served.


Safety is very important. There is always a scope of someone getting hurt during big events. So, your corporate event should include experienced security personnel. You don’t always need to have armed security but it does depend on the area of your event.

Make sure that the venue entrance is having security personnel positioned. And if required, on more personnel should also be there patrolling around the venue. Most importantly, security personnel should be hired by some reputable organizations.

If the process of preparing a checklist and following it accurately is daunting and overwhelming for you since you may have a lot of other areas to manage, it is advisable to find the best corporate event management company that can help you prepare your event checklist.

An event planner such as Nedda Kavoossi can take care of everything. You just need to make sure that the checklist your planner is following suits your type of event and budget.

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Corporate Event Planning Checklist
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Make Your Wedding Planning Process Easier with Simple Tips

Make Your Wedding Planning Process Easier with Simple Tips

The wedding planning process can really be complicated if not followed in the right way. Dealing with umpteen people, money, and details won’t be easy since you may have plenty of other things to deal with. You just can’t spend your entire day planning your wedding.

Managing everything on your own can make you feel overwhelmed but you can indeed make the process easy by following the right tips for perfect wedding planning.

You may not believe planning a wedding day can be an easy process. A little bit of knowledge, modification, and tweaks can indeed accomplish a successful wedding planning with no stress and sweat.

Simple Tips You Can Do & Make Your Wedding Planning Process Easier

1. Follow a Simple Process

Planning a wedding day doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Although you will have to set out your budget and deal with a lot of suppliers and vendors, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by anything.

You can simplify the entire process by keeping things simple. Pick a wedding planning checklist and follow it. This will help you avoid rechecking various lists and getting yourself in trouble.

2. Arrange your Priorities

Rather than planning everything on your own and getting trapped into the puzzling process of wedding planning, have a chat with your partner and jointly prioritize the most important things.

Share your opinions and views on the venue, food, entertainment, photographer, decoration, wedding cake, etc. What matters the most to you?

Sorting out your priorities will help you figure out the cost of your big day and will further help you manage your wedding budget for it. List down your fundamental priorities and filter out the fields that aren’t important.

This list will also help you work out what amount you can manage to spend to cover the cost of the critical areas not to be missed.

3. Make Use of the Technology

Wedding planning binders, scrapbooks, and notebooks are the most attractive options to treasure the memento of your wedding day for years long. The best way to simplify your wedding planning process though is to make use of the technology.

Do less paperwork by planning out your wedding day through the net exclusively. There are various wedding websites loaded with specialized planning tools.

You can also use wedding related applications with the help of your Smartphone. These apps can help you get the best wedding dress, search suppliers and vendors, and moreover, update your budget right at your fingertips.

4. Pay for Professional Assistance

Planning your own wedding can be a huge nightmare if any single thing goes wrong. To the alternate option, you can always consider the “wedding planning services near me” option on the internet and hire the best name to take charge of the entire planning process for you.

Being qualified and experienced in the field the professionals know the right way to simplify every phase of a wedding day.

Their capable hands can get you the chance to sit relaxed since their team of experts will be there to organize all your requirements. Within your budget, a professional wedding planner can deal with everything you have listed in your checklist.

5. Consider All-Inclusive Packages

All-inclusive packages save time, energy, and money. Book a venue that offers all-inclusive packages, like decoration, catering, etc. This option will be responsible for various items on your checklist.

Moreover, this will also save your pocket. If you do a little bit of research online, you will find various venues as well as suppliers and vendors that often include discounted or free extras to entice people to book them.

6. Employ Professional Suppliers

When hiring suppliers and vendors, make sure that you are picking up the professional names that can make everything on your big day go smoothly. Couples that have in the past booked the vendors and suppliers for their wedding day are the best options to follow.

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Read their written reviews. Once you have finalized a supplier or vendor, let the team take care of everything for your big day preparation. You don’t need to control every detail. Trust the team you have hired. It’s the work they are qualified and trained for.

7. Last But Not Least, Choose the Right Person for Advice

You probably may ask your family members and friends for the wedding-related advice.

How is the invitation? How is the decoration? Which venue should you finalize? etc. The more people you question, the more confusing situation you may get in.

Professional wedding and event planners are the best options to take advice from. Avoid questioning too many people the same question. Indeed, you can have some special person from your family or friends to take any second opinion.

Final Words

Wedding planning is not easy. Settling down the budget and planning with the right tools and tips require the help of the right people. We, with years of experience in the industry, can help you find out the perfect venue, hire professional photographer, settle down a perfect wedding style, determine the catering, bar, and entertainment cost, and moreover manage most of the details in the most professional way.

From sending out invitations to booking the right venue, and employing the best-in-class suppliers and vendors; everything involved in a wedding planning process can be simplified by following the usefull wedding tips. So, if you are getting married in the near future, plan your wedding with Kavoossi Konsulting.

Make Your Wedding Planning Process Easier with Simple Tips
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Easy Steps to Plan a Budget Wedding

Easy Steps to Plan a Budget Wedding

A perfect wedding venue and elegant wedding outfits for you and your partner are the two major things you may initially think about for your big day. Before you start seeking for these essentialities you should settle your wedding budget. Doesn’t appear to be an exciting part, but it is the most essential factor when planning a wedding day. Your wedding outfit, cake, flower, decorative items, etc. will easily make you overspend, so picking up a budget and maintaining it is very important.

Things to Think Before Planning Your Big Day

Planning a wedding is a tough task. Booking a budget-friendly venue, hiring professional servers and bartenders, and many other important details require the help of an experienced wedding planning services provider. You have climbed over the flight of fantasy for this day but have you imagined the stress about expenses that will come along with each stage of your wedding planning?

Setting a wedding budget is the smartest way to keep your great day spending on track. Your rightful steps can help you sail smoothly towards your wedding day.

Figure out your budget

While fixing the wedding plans, it is essential to figure out the budget you can spend on your wedding. Budget fixing may not be an exciting process for you but is the most important task to complete at first. The only thing you will fall for is booking the venue, meeting vendors, selecting dresses, etc. You will ultimately realize that the charges are completely out of your reach. Sit down with your partner, parents, and/or other and ask them to help you figure out your total budget. Divide this budget by the service providers.

Meet with your financing

Marriage is the beginning of a new life. Starting it in debt is not a good decision. If you and your partner are sharing the bulk of your wedding cost, figure out how much both of you can contribute without getting into the red. Money is the most sensitive object. Being honest and open about the spending will not only pour water on the confusion but will also make you learn how to overcome money issues.

Prepare your guest list

Another important step to take while setting your budget is to prepare a guest list. Figure out how many people and who all should be invited to your wedding and reception. The guest list will eventually help you determine the ample amount of space you will require to accommodate your guests, the quantity of food you will need to organize for the meal, including other crucial monetary factors. However, it is obvious, the fewer names you invite, the more you will be able to save!

Decide on what expenses your family may contribute to

Families also offer a contribution to the wedding expenses. You can request your parents for a cash contribution. If you are uncomfortable requesting for the cash, you can ask them to manage a wedding cake for you, or you can tell them to manage the decoration part, or you can just let them pick the sample for your rehearsal meal up. Having them contribute to your budget will indeed ease the stress of restricted cash on hand.

Learn where can you spend more and where less

Some wedding items and services are highly priced. Learning what parts you can spend big bucks and what parts you can cut the costs is very important. Prepare a list of services you won’t mind to spend more money on and another list of services that are not so important to spend more money. For example, you may not mind hiring a pricey wedding photographer to click each moment of your wedding; on the other side, beer and wine may be the two only sufficient acquisition instead of having an open bar.

Choose the best feasible wedding date

Certain time of the year will be pricier. Holidays, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas, are the most money generating days. Everyone will be in higher demand. You will for sure find some comparatively cost-effective and great deals. Negotiation is a must! You will find many event planners like Kavoossi Konsulting willing to work at or around your budget.

Be flexible while planning the dates

Being flexible with dates is very important. Choose the best passable dates, before you start searching for the wedding venues. First of all, think about the time. Holidays or Saturday night weddings are more expensive and competitive. Cost-effective vendors and venues are hard to find during the period. If possible, be open to the date. Check the calendar thoroughly. Taking holidays and festivals into consideration choose a few best dates. This will be very helpful while choosing the venue.

Book a reasonable venue

Now it’s time to book a wedding venue. Do a little research, shortlist the few best wedding venues near you, read the testimonials and online reviews of past customers, visit a representative in person, and together with your partner find out your dream wedding venue. Read the contract properly before signing. Moreover, it is recommendable to hire a professional wedding planner to help you find the best deal with venue booking.

Enjoy your big day

And finally, the big day has arrived. You with your partner and family have worked hard throughout the entire wedding planning process. So, now it’s time to enjoy every minute of the day.

Ultimately, setting a budget is a must to manage wedding spending. Knowing exactly what to do and what not to do will help you communicate with your wedding planner, vendors, and everyone involved in the preparation of your wedding day in a better way.

Easy Steps to Plan a Budget Wedding
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