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Make Your Wedding Planning Process Easier with Simple Tips

Make Your Wedding Planning Process Easier with Simple Tips

The wedding planning process can really be complicated if not followed in the right way. Dealing with umpteen people, money, and details won’t be easy since you may have plenty of other things to deal with. You just can’t spend your entire day planning your wedding.

Managing everything on your own can make you feel overwhelmed but you can indeed make the process easy by following the right tips for perfect wedding planning.

You may not believe planning a wedding day can be an easy process. A little bit of knowledge, modification, and tweaks can indeed accomplish a successful wedding planning with no stress and sweat.

Simple Tips You Can Do & Make Your Wedding Planning Process Easier

1. Follow a Simple Process

Planning a wedding day doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Although you will have to set out your budget and deal with a lot of suppliers and vendors, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by anything.

You can simplify the entire process by keeping things simple. Pick a wedding planning checklist and follow it. This will help you avoid rechecking various lists and getting yourself in trouble.

2. Arrange your Priorities

Rather than planning everything on your own and getting trapped into the puzzling process of wedding planning, have a chat with your partner and jointly prioritize the most important things.

Share your opinions and views on the venue, food, entertainment, photographer, decoration, wedding cake, etc. What matters the most to you?

Sorting out your priorities will help you figure out the cost of your big day and will further help you manage your wedding budget for it. List down your fundamental priorities and filter out the fields that aren’t important.

This list will also help you work out what amount you can manage to spend to cover the cost of the critical areas not to be missed.

3. Make Use of the Technology

Wedding planning binders, scrapbooks, and notebooks are the most attractive options to treasure the memento of your wedding day for years long. The best way to simplify your wedding planning process though is to make use of the technology.

Do less paperwork by planning out your wedding day through the net exclusively. There are various wedding websites loaded with specialized planning tools.

You can also use wedding related applications with the help of your Smartphone. These apps can help you get the best wedding dress, search suppliers and vendors, and moreover, update your budget right at your fingertips.

4. Pay for Professional Assistance

Planning your own wedding can be a huge nightmare if any single thing goes wrong. To the alternate option, you can always consider the “wedding planning services near me” option on the internet and hire the best name to take charge of the entire planning process for you.

Being qualified and experienced in the field the professionals know the right way to simplify every phase of a wedding day.

Their capable hands can get you the chance to sit relaxed since their team of experts will be there to organize all your requirements. Within your budget, a professional wedding planner can deal with everything you have listed in your checklist.

5. Consider All-Inclusive Packages

All-inclusive packages save time, energy, and money. Book a venue that offers all-inclusive packages, like decoration, catering, etc. This option will be responsible for various items on your checklist.

Moreover, this will also save your pocket. If you do a little bit of research online, you will find various venues as well as suppliers and vendors that often include discounted or free extras to entice people to book them.

6. Employ Professional Suppliers

When hiring suppliers and vendors, make sure that you are picking up the professional names that can make everything on your big day go smoothly. Couples that have in the past booked the vendors and suppliers for their wedding day are the best options to follow.

Are you looking for a reliable, stylish, and classy transportation service for your wedding ceremony? Click on more information.

Read their written reviews. Once you have finalized a supplier or vendor, let the team take care of everything for your big day preparation. You don’t need to control every detail. Trust the team you have hired. It’s the work they are qualified and trained for.

7. Last But Not Least, Choose the Right Person for Advice

You probably may ask your family members and friends for the wedding-related advice.

How is the invitation? How is the decoration? Which venue should you finalize? etc. The more people you question, the more confusing situation you may get in.

Professional wedding and event planners are the best options to take advice from. Avoid questioning too many people the same question. Indeed, you can have some special person from your family or friends to take any second opinion.

Final Words

Wedding planning is not easy. Settling down the budget and planning with the right tools and tips require the help of the right people. We, with years of experience in the industry, can help you find out the perfect venue, hire professional photographer, settle down a perfect wedding style, determine the catering, bar, and entertainment cost, and moreover manage most of the details in the most professional way.

From sending out invitations to booking the right venue, and employing the best-in-class suppliers and vendors; everything involved in a wedding planning process can be simplified by following the usefull wedding tips. So, if you are getting married in the near future, plan your wedding with Kavoossi Konsulting.

Make Your Wedding Planning Process Easier with Simple Tips
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Easy Steps to Plan a Budget Wedding

Easy Steps to Plan a Budget Wedding

A perfect wedding venue and elegant wedding outfits for you and your partner are the two major things you may initially think about for your big day. Before you start seeking for these essentialities you should settle your wedding budget. Doesn’t appear to be an exciting part, but it is the most essential factor when planning a wedding day. Your wedding outfit, cake, flower, decorative items, etc. will easily make you overspend, so picking up a budget and maintaining it is very important.

Things to Think Before Planning Your Big Day

Planning a wedding is a tough task. Booking a budget-friendly venue, hiring professional servers and bartenders, and many other important details require the help of an experienced wedding planning services provider. You have climbed over the flight of fantasy for this day but have you imagined the stress about expenses that will come along with each stage of your wedding planning?

Setting a wedding budget is the smartest way to keep your great day spending on track. Your rightful steps can help you sail smoothly towards your wedding day.

Figure out your budget

While fixing the wedding plans, it is essential to figure out the budget you can spend on your wedding. Budget fixing may not be an exciting process for you but is the most important task to complete at first. The only thing you will fall for is booking the venue, meeting vendors, selecting dresses, etc. You will ultimately realize that the charges are completely out of your reach. Sit down with your partner, parents, and/or other and ask them to help you figure out your total budget. Divide this budget by the service providers.

Meet with your financing

Marriage is the beginning of a new life. Starting it in debt is not a good decision. If you and your partner are sharing the bulk of your wedding cost, figure out how much both of you can contribute without getting into the red. Money is the most sensitive object. Being honest and open about the spending will not only pour water on the confusion but will also make you learn how to overcome money issues.

Prepare your guest list

Another important step to take while setting your budget is to prepare a guest list. Figure out how many people and who all should be invited to your wedding and reception. The guest list will eventually help you determine the ample amount of space you will require to accommodate your guests, the quantity of food you will need to organize for the meal, including other crucial monetary factors. However, it is obvious, the fewer names you invite, the more you will be able to save!

Decide on what expenses your family may contribute to

Families also offer a contribution to the wedding expenses. You can request your parents for a cash contribution. If you are uncomfortable requesting for the cash, you can ask them to manage a wedding cake for you, or you can tell them to manage the decoration part, or you can just let them pick the sample for your rehearsal meal up. Having them contribute to your budget will indeed ease the stress of restricted cash on hand.

Learn where can you spend more and where less

Some wedding items and services are highly priced. Learning what parts you can spend big bucks and what parts you can cut the costs is very important. Prepare a list of services you won’t mind to spend more money on and another list of services that are not so important to spend more money. For example, you may not mind hiring a pricey wedding photographer to click each moment of your wedding; on the other side, beer and wine may be the two only sufficient acquisition instead of having an open bar.

Choose the best feasible wedding date

Certain time of the year will be pricier. Holidays, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas, are the most money generating days. Everyone will be in higher demand. You will for sure find some comparatively cost-effective and great deals. Negotiation is a must! You will find many event planners like Kavoossi Konsulting willing to work at or around your budget.

Be flexible while planning the dates

Being flexible with dates is very important. Choose the best passable dates, before you start searching for the wedding venues. First of all, think about the time. Holidays or Saturday night weddings are more expensive and competitive. Cost-effective vendors and venues are hard to find during the period. If possible, be open to the date. Check the calendar thoroughly. Taking holidays and festivals into consideration choose a few best dates. This will be very helpful while choosing the venue.

Book a reasonable venue

Now it’s time to book a wedding venue. Do a little research, shortlist the few best wedding venues near you, read the testimonials and online reviews of past customers, visit a representative in person, and together with your partner find out your dream wedding venue. Read the contract properly before signing. Moreover, it is recommendable to hire a professional wedding planner to help you find the best deal with venue booking.

Enjoy your big day

And finally, the big day has arrived. You with your partner and family have worked hard throughout the entire wedding planning process. So, now it’s time to enjoy every minute of the day.

Ultimately, setting a budget is a must to manage wedding spending. Knowing exactly what to do and what not to do will help you communicate with your wedding planner, vendors, and everyone involved in the preparation of your wedding day in a better way.

Easy Steps to Plan a Budget Wedding
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What are Wedding Planning Services offered by Kavoossi Konsulting

What are Wedding Planning Services offered by Kavoossi Konsulting

Wedding is an event that not only involves the bride and groom but also their entire families. Planning an entire wedding might sound exciting and overwhelming but the stress it brings is not something that everyone is capable of handling. Here the role of wedding planners comes in to the picture. In simple words, wedding planners take the hassle out of weddings and leave only the celebration part for you.

They handle everything from the beginning to the end and that too within your budget. Whether it is a destination wedding or just a conventional wedding, efficient wedding planners are extremely important to make the wedding preparations smooth.

Wedding Planner Duties and Responsibilities

If you are also planning to hire a wedding planner for your big day, then you must rely on an experienced professional like Kavoossi Konsulting who will arrange your wedding just the way you have dreamt of. Let’s have a look at the services offered by skilled wedding planners such as Kavoossi Konsulting.

1. Wedding venue selection

Almost every wedding arrangement starts with selecting an appropriate venue for the celebration. You might come across thousands of choices that are available for the purpose but it is really difficult to find a venue that perfectly satisfies your eyes and budget altogether. On the other hand wedding planners are professionals in this field and very well know how to deal with such situations. They help you find a suitable venue for your wedding on the basis of your tastes and preferences keeping the budget in mind.

2. Theme and decoration ideas

As wedding planners are into the business of wedding planning they remain updated about the latest trends in this field. Their experience can guide you choose the best and the latest wedding themes and decoration ideas. They conceptualize, design and coordinate all aspects of the design and décor that include floral setups, lighting and themes after understanding your preferences.

3. Negotiating with vendors

This is one of the most challenging parts of a wedding planning. Wedding suppliers often take the advantage of commoners’ lack of knowledge and tend to ask for more than the reasonable price. When you are convinced with their quality assurance, you need to negotiate a proper price for their service. This often becomes very stressful for the bride and groom. The only solution for this problem is to hand over the responsibility to a wedding planner. Wedding planners work on your chosen budget and make sure that you get the best out of it. Apart from negotiating with the vendors they also ensure that they do their job with utmost care and perfection.

4. Taking care of the guests

Your guests are the heart of the event and the celebrations are incomplete without them. As a host it becomes your responsibility to take care of your guest and ensure that they experience a comfortable stay. Starting from making the quest list to arrange their accommodation the entire procedure is long and tiring. But if you hire a wedding planner, you do not need to take all these hassles. They not only look after the guests, they also make sure that they return their homes with amazing memories after the wedding.

5. Managing the wedding day

There are a lot of things that can go wrong on the wedding day and nothing can be worse than that. Managing everything single handedly in the end moment is next to impossible especially if you are not a professional. But wedding planners keep their eyes on even the smallest of details of the event so that nothing goes wrong on the event. From taking the bride to a parlor to dressing up for the day they take care of everything that is needed to make the event successful. They are also capable of handling any last moment issue smartly without affecting the celebration.

Wedding and event management services have been introduced to reduce the hassle of the common people who are organizing big events. The concept has been widely accepted due to its convenience. If you are planning for marriage in the near future do consider hiring a skilled wedding planner for your wedding day.

What are Wedding Planning Services offered by Kavoossi Konsulting
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Why Hire an Event Management Company for Your Next Corporate Event?

Why Hire an Event Management Company for Your Next Corporate Event?

Have you been stressing yourself about an upcoming corporate event that has to be organized under your supervision? Even though the role seems exciting in itself (and has given you a kick!) you are now responsible for making things work in the most seamless fashion.

Corporate event planning services requires a lot of brainstorming, teamwork, implementation of ideas, streamlining of the different parts of the event, and so forth. While you may find yourself on top of certain things, there may still be a lot of areas that are best left in the hands of more experienced professionals.

Fortunately, you can bank on event planners in Orange County to organize the event successfully. We will help you take a closer look at how an event management company in Orange County can ensure that everything remains on your fingertips and works to perfection as you welcome your guests.

You Get to Cut Costs

It is a myth that hiring an event planning company is an expensive proposal. By choosing the right event planners, you can concentrate on the core areas of expertise of your teams rather than think and do everything in-house.

In fact, you can end up saving a big amount as the company hired by you can help you negotiate for less for public address systems and venues.

As most planners of corporate events have inroads into supply chains and nurture good relationship with vendors, suppliers and other facilitators, they can help you get lucrative discounts that would not be possible otherwise.

Additionally, you can confer with the planners to seek advise on further cost cutting and how to fit all expenditure within the sanctioned corporate budget.

Timely Planning

In case you are a busy manager or corporate person, you will find it tough to take out time to draw timelines, schedules, deadlines and Gantt charts to take care of the event in a timely fashion.

A challenging task in itself, the art of planning a successful corporate event may be hindered by your personal commitments and professional deadlines. A dedicated corporate planner will help you meet all necessary deadlines without getting stressed and well within your budget.

Gain Access to Benchmarked Marketing Services

Corporate event management companies are well-equipped to align your event with the purpose of organizing the same. Say, your company is planning an event to create awareness about a new product launch.

Experienced corporate planners will understand your marketing strategy and help you organize the event to create the best possible mileage for the product in question.

As they have adequate knowledge about marketing and other areas of implementing corporate strategies, you will find it easy to bounce your ideas with them and create a success story of the event under your charge.

Experience and Advice Galore

Regardless of whether you are responsible for organizing a corporate event for the very first time or have prior experiences in the field, you are bound to face new challenges.

The vast experience and knowledge repository of corporate event planners will bring in flexibility in case there are any sudden eventualities. Having professional planners by your side can make your worst nightmares turn the other way as and when things do not seem to go your way.

Choose the Right Venue

Is your event an interactive one? Will it be followed by cocktail dinner, lunch or a mix of the two? What would be a god location that can be easily accessed by all concerned?

If you are still confused with regards to the kind of venue that would do justice to the event, then your preferred corporate event planner in Orange County will help you chalk the way forward.

A good corporate event planning company will go through all minutes details with regards to a profitable venue, get a sound rate after negotiation, and ensure that everything is in order.

Way Forward

Now that you are aware of the primary benefits of hiring a corporate event management company, you may want to check out the customized event design and planning services on offer by Kavoossi Konsulting.

Ask for the package that includes personalized assistance and all other areas of event management to showcase your style effectively!

Why Hire an Event Management Company for Your Next Corporate Event?
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A Quick Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding

A Quick Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding

Starting from the moment you have said yes to each other, you probably have been dreaming of taking your vows on a beautiful beach. No one can deny the irresistible appeal of a romantic destination wedding but at the same time the overall planning of a big event like this that too at a place far from your home is not a child’s play.

The worries of dealing with vendors in an unknown place and arranging a place for your guests to stay are enough to give you sleepless nights. That is why it is always a good idea to hire Nedda wedding planner of Kavoossi Konsulting who can help you save your time and money by sharing the entire burden with you. These professionals make sure that all your wedding related events go off without a hitch.

It won’t be wrong to say that destination weddings are quite in fashion nowadays. A survey showed that at least one out of 5 couples in Canada prefers to have their nuptials abroad and the craze is mostly seen among millennial. Before finalizing your decision to have a destination wedding you need to be aware of few things about the concept of a destination wedding and how event planners help you in this.

Cost of Destination Wedding

The overall cost of a destination wedding depends on certain factors. The per person expense is typically more than a local wedding as the air fare and resort accommodation get included in it. On the other hand if you have plans to make it more private with few of your family and friends then a destination wedding is an affordable solution for you.

Since such weddings involve a group of people you can get amazing packaged deals from resorts for your quests.

Similar to the conventional local wedding, your cost will increase in case you wish to have customized decoration and a private reception.

Again, if budget is not an issue for you then you have multiple opportunities to make your destination wedding a memorable one.

Proper Planning and Plotting

As I have mentioned earlier, it is always recommended for you to hire a wedding planner to handle the entire event of destination wedding. I would suggest you to start your planning at least a year prior to the actual date.

This is important to make sure that you secure your preferred venue and get affordable rates for travel and accommodation. It is to be noted here that the wedding expenditure will increase with time and you might even have to be flexible with the date in case of a delay.

Now let’s have a look at the ways wedding planners help you in successfully arranging a destination wedding

1. They know locale

Destination wedding planners have their network almost everywhere and they often play the role of your personal directory of recommendations and reviews. They will make sure that you do not need to waste your time searching for local authentic restaurants and famous places for photography.

2. They can save your money

Vendors try their best to bankrupt you if they know that you are an outsider and shopping for a wedding event, that’s where the destination wedding planner appears as a rescuer who saves you from the loss. This is because they are well aware of the local prices and vendors cannot cheat them. Not only that they negotiate the prices with the vendors to obtain the best deals from them.

3. They can guide your guests with travel advice

A planner is not only helpful for you but also a huge asset for your guests that will be traveling with you. Starting from exotic places to visit to booking tickets, he helps them with every possible information that will make their stay a pleasurable one.

4. They set a budget for you

In an unknown place where vendors are trying to extract money from you at every step, it becomes difficult to set a budget without a piece of expert advice. A wedding planner can easily tell you whether your planned budget is realistic for the kind of wedding you are hoping to pull off.

5. They will save your time

Wedding planners spend days and nights on giving proper shape to your wedding plans. Starting from making online researches to making hundreds of phone calls to schedule and book tickets for travel and accommodation, they take care of each and everything that saves your time and effort.

These planners provide an endless number of benefits to you that cannot even be expressed in words. They simply make a stressful wedding event enjoyable to you.

If you want to know more about the destination wedding tips, click here.

A Quick Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding
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Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Event Planner

Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Event Planner

Ask yourself this question,

Do you have a knack for event planning?

Do you want to pursue a career in this field?

If your answer is yes then proceed reading this blog that exclusively written on guide for becoming an event planner. It’s undeniable that event planners are the directors of big events like meetings and conferences. If you are passionate about organizing people, venue and things then you already have a hidden event planner inside you. Don’t hold, go ahead!

It is not an easy task to handle a big event successfully from a to z but these professionals are no less than magicians. Due to the lack of confidence, many people step back from choosing it as a career option, compromising with their dreams.

But you should never let fear influence your decisions. Today there are multiple paths available for you that lead you to an action-packed career in this field. It’s a fact that you cannot become an event manager overnight, you need to pass through several steps to earn the title.

To get an idea on how to become an event planner, here are the steps that you should follow.

1st step: Secure a Bachelor’s degree

What degree do I need to be an event planner?

A bachelor’s degree is strongly recommended for aspiring event managers. Though it is not a necessity here, learners can get professional guidance through relevant courses.

Some of the courses that they can opt for are event management course, Human resource management, event sales and sponsorships, financial accounting and relationship management.

Degrees in business management, marketing public relations, communications or hospitality management also open doors for a successful career in event organizing.

2nd step: Get Experience

Having a real-life experience in this field is extremely important to utilize the knowledge you have gained from your classroom training. You can begin with managing small events like college concerts, party planner, festivals and sports events or you can also go for an internship in an established event management company.

3rd step: Plan your niche

Like every other profession, it also covers a huge area of services depending on the type of the event. Some professionals are generalists while others prefer to specialize in specific types of an event, which is a better option for those who want to set up their own business in the sector.

Weddings, business meetings, conferences, birthdays, mall events and fundraisers are the areas of event management where you can focus on. Research a bit about these and choose the one that perfectly fits into your needs and preferences.

4th step: Build a professional portfolio

If you wish to pursue a career in event planning service provider like KavoossiKonsulting, you need to show your skills to your potential clients or to the company where you want to do a job as an event planner.

Here comes the need of a strong portfolio. It shows your abilities as well as your experience in organizing events with photographs, press clippings, testimonials and event brochures of your previous work.

5th and final step: Earn Certification

Though certification is not required to get employed as an event planner, having it undoubtedly makes a good impression on your employer and clients. Once you start working as a certified planner, you automatically get the membership of the respective trade association which also helps you in taking up big projects and even set up your own business.

There are various certifications available depending on your career options that include-

  • Certified meeting professional
  • Certified Government meeting professional
  • Certified special event professionals
  • Certified professional in catering and events

Today event planners are highly on demand because of their magical abilities to handle public and private events within a fixed budget at the best possible way. Big events, be it personal or professional, cannot be managed single-handedly.

It demands professional assistance, the team works, and good event planning skilled. With the help of these above-mentioned guidelines, you can certainly take a step forward towards your dream of becoming a successful event planner.

Also read: Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Career as Wedding Planner

Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Event Planner
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6 Hacks to Plan a Successful Event

6 Hacks to Plan a Successful Event

Event planning is a stressful business. However, the joy of a happy ending and happy attendees is pure bliss. If you are planning to organize an event, chances are that you’re already worrying about whether people would turn up or not, will the food suffice, will the décor theme resonate with the event’s agenda, and a hundred other such questions. This is especially true if you decide to organize the event yourself rather than hiring a wedding & event planning services company. But, fret not folks, because here’s a compilation of all those tips and trick they don’t mention in the books – a list of things to do for a successful event.

1. Set Your Goal and Develop a Vision

This sounds like an obvious step, however, you must be on the same page as the idea of the event to plan it well. Is it a birthday party, a wedding, or a conference? You should have an idea of the attendee persona, the food, the décor, and the objective of the event before you start out. Take a notebook and pen it down. Once you’re done with it, start setting goals and deadlines. This is the first thing that a professional company would do.

While you do this, ensure that the date of the event you picked is convenient for the intended guests to attend. Is it a working day? Is it a holiday or a weekend? You will get the right idea.

2. Get a Trustworthy Team

Have a list of the sub-committees and delegate to them specific tasks, ranging from venue management, entertainment, food, finance, and the like. Apart from having a good team, you must ensure that each member is trustworthy. A wedding & event planning company often maintains their own team of professionals. Hiring such a service provider could free you of this responsibility.

3. Collect Enough Data

Go through your data thoroughly and know it well. Avoid taking any decision without verifying if it is in accordance with the data you have collected. Go ahead and conduct surveys, learn from them, as well as from your past failures. If you are from a wedding company, this can prove to be very helpful when you face clients who are adamant about things that did not work in the past. You can show them numbers that speak out loud and clear.

4. Create the Minutes of Your Event on Paper

It is crucial to visualize and create a timeline for your event day, particularly if you are a wedding & event planner with huge schedules and hundreds of details to fit into a single event. Doing this, will ensure that you are aware of each precise detail of the event is taken care of. An example of the same –

7:00 pm Musicians arrive

7:30 pm Catering crew is set

8:00 pm Doors open

8:30 pm Cake cutting

5. Create a Budget

This is a tedious yet inevitable task. The best way to go about it would be to use MS Excel sheets and make a table with headers such as Item, Estimated cost, Vendors, and the like. Include a column at the end to track your actual expenses and avoid going beyond your stipulated budget. Make sure you note down everything, right from catering to sound equipment. Write down the names your vendors and the prices they charge. It does sound like a lot, but Microsoft has a few templates to ease your work.

6. Capture the Event Well

A picture speaks a thousand words. However, it must not be you capturing the pictures at the event. Compel your attendees to take part in it, create hashtags, and let your attendees show off your event for you. Remember that everything you use for the décor and in your theme is something people are going to use as backdrops. Make it effective. If you are from a professional planner, this could speak volumes for your profile, if done right.

In the end, your event is a reflection of your hard work and ideas. And if you think this is too hard, you can hire KavoossiKonsulting professional planner, a wedding & event planning services company around Orange County, Los Angeles & San Diego area.

Visit kavoossikonsulting to book a meeting and get a quote today.

6 Hacks to Plan a Successful Event
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How To Pick The Right Florist (and not get ripped off!)

How To Pick The Right Florist (and not get ripped off!)

So, you’ve started the event planning process. You know the date of the event. You’re sure of the location and placed a deposit (remember, the date and venue are not yours until the venue confirms in writing the date and the deposit receipt!). And, since you already read the previous blog post, you have your guest count too. Most people head next to the caterer or the florist. Let’s focus on the florist for this month’s blog post.

Going to florist after florist is going to get frustrating. It can seem like florists have basically arbitrary numbers that are simply made up. First and foremost: when you go see a florist or any vendor, you don’t want to dress your best. Look presentable, but there is no need to show up in the flashiest car or your finest jewelry or best shoes. You are going to go talk to someone about flowers and décor. Wear a normal day to day outfit. I have even suggested to some clients to wear lifestyle wear (think leggings and a top and some kicks).

Before the meeting you have some homework. Get on Pinterest or any social media platform and start picking your inspo picks. Screenshot every single thing that you like and even things you HATE. Knowing what you hate is useful because it is going to help someone make sure they don’t stick in moss as a filler for your display if they know you hate moss. Maybe they’ll try clovers or the like.

Once you have about 20+ pictures screenshotted, start going through them and evaluating your own pattern. Finding this pattern is KEY to what your vision is for the event. Maybe you thought you wanted black and white but then realized everything you picked had white and blush with some deep red tones. Or you imagined that everything would be white but then the pictures showed all these green accents. The pattern you find is going to help develop what is actually going to show up on the day of your event, and more than that, its going to guide the journey to get there, décor wise at least.

Pick 2-3 pictures that will be your “inspo” pictures for specific things at your event and write the location for that inspo pic group at the top of the first page, and staple the group together. Consider things like entry table, buffet table (if you will be having one), dessert table, gift table, etc. Also consider if you will be having some type of display wall or entry wall and if you’d like to have florals for that. Remember, florals include greens and installations!

Now you’re there and you are going to hear all kinds of numbers. Costs for vases, setup, pick up, delivery, candles, rentals, in season, out of season, themes, and the list can go on and on. Remember the purpose of the entire meeting is to learn if you can do the floral décor that you’re thinking about in your head and who is going to bring the vision to life that will stay within your budget.

If you recall in the last post, we discussed budget and how the wisest way to attempt your budget is to basically know you will overspend. We went over how to account for this as well. Please visit that blog post if you have not yet. Florals are another thing in the event planning process you will overspend on. Count on it. Whatever budget you have for florals, add 25%. If you don’t spend it, great. If you do, well, you already figured as much.

When you are past the polite hellos and introductions with the florist (and anyone who has come with you as support), proceed directly to bringing out your paper groups so you can begin brainstorming. Heads up: EXPECT to change your mind during the process, even all the way up to two weeks before yourevent. Pictures are plenty and events are plenty. Feeling inspired by something different as you move along is OKAY and is expected not just by the vendor, but by everyone involved in your planning process (at least those that have done this before!). Once you have out your papers, explain kindly to the florist that you would like to make sure to stay on track and there are some things you want to show them. Almost every vendor we know appreciates this type of preparedness. It gets a vendor closer to being able to make their client happy and honestly, that is what this entire planning process is about!

By the end of the meeting you will have gained knowledge about what is and is not in season, what is and is not expensive, what is and is not possible, and if you meshed with this vendor. It is important and valuable to be on the same page and really get along with this vendor because they are going to be responsible for helping bring most of the aesthetic to your event. It is absolutely OKAY to have gone through the meeting and come out at the end thinking it is not the right fit. GOOD. Remember, you want to know what you DON’T LIKE as much as you want to know what you do like; its significant to making sure your vision actually comes to life.

Be sure to get a time estimate of when you can expect to receive follow up information, including a proposal/quote, from the vendor, exchange contact information, and thank the vendor for their time. If the vendor wants to keep your print outs, let them know you’d like to email them a copy instead—its important to have the pages the same for all of the meetings you will attend so you can compare apples to apples for the pricing proposals. Write down in your phone or a notebook what you liked and didn’t like about the vendor and what you still may have concerns about, and then decide for yourself if this will or won’t be someone you’d consider working with if the price is right!

We always say, visit at least 3 vendors (in person) before making your pick, and make sure they aren’t all so-called instafamous. When considering vendors, think about who might have worked with someone before that they talked about with you. Real feedback is key. Social media is hardly real life and the experience of working with a vendor cannot be shared by posting 3 sentences and a picture. Seamless communication, suggestions in line with your vision and ideas, and kind attention to detail are important to notice here when picking your floral vendor. It’s a vendor that you need to feel good about, just like everyone else!

Once the floral vendor is picked, next you need to secure the date. Keep in mind that the same goes here as for your venue—a deposit has to be made and confirmed to confirm your date with this vendor. A simple text or email will not do. Proper deposits need to be made, trust us on this one! Review the agreement to pinpoint the amounts charged for any service fee (should be minimal for florists and calculated into their costs already), delivery fee, and setup/pick up fees. Notice the amounts for setup and pick up. If you can talk to your venue and see if the florist can pick anything up the next day, this could save you a lot of money so that your florist does not have to pay drivers and employees overtime, a charge which will end up on your shoulders and not theirs to comply.

*We will have another blog post soon on how to read contracts to reveal some helpful tips!

If you’d signed, sealed, and delivered *a deposit* then consider yourself done with picking your floral vendor! Hurrah! This is a huge step in the planning process for your event and you need to be super proud of yourself for this accomplishment. Again, expect to change your mind along the way and be kind to yourself when it happens. It will all turn out more beautiful than you could have imagined!

How To Pick The Right Florist (and not get ripped off!)
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Why You Need A Wedding Planner For Your Wedding

Why You Need A Wedding Planner For Your Wedding

Your wedding is your dream come true. However, you’ll need the right people by your side to help you on your D-day. There is never enough time to plan a wedding. You’ll have to focus on things that matter the most to you. In order to enjoy the best moments of your life with your friends and family sans the stress of planning your own wedding, you will need the services of a wedding planner.

Here’s how hiring a wedding planner can help you experience a memorable wedding day.

1. Making Better Decisions

You’ll have to make countless decisions on the go. A wedding planner is skilled and experienced to handle different scenarios. They take the workload off of your shoulders.

But, you’ll have to first get to know them personally and how they go about their job. Build a rapport and discuss a detailed brief on your expectations and priorities. It will help them make better decisions on your behalf while you’re busy trying out your bridal gown.

2. Budgeting Right

Your wedding planner is also a successful businessman. He/she knows the nuances of the trade better. To begin with, discuss your wedding budget at the earliest. The planner will then keep a tab on the expenses and will keep you updated as and when needed.

Mostly, planners source products and services like wedding decor and make-up artists from well-established vendors at a competitive price. They know exactly what works and what doesn’t, so you’ll save time and effort on purchases and budget too.

3. Multi-tasking efficiently

Wedding planners are adept at thinking on their feet. They are quick to come up with solutions to difficult situations at the wedding hall.

The job of the planners actually starts about several weeks before the wedding. They follow-up on a huge list of tasks and update you as well.

Likewise, you can also have your friends or family members take charge of the wedding plans. On your wedding day, the planner will have to make sure everything and everyone is right on schedule.

Final Note

Planning a wedding isn’t a child’s play. A well-experienced planner will make your wedding event memorable and hassle-free. All you need to do is to choose the right planner who meets your needs. Do your research right and it will sort out 99% of your wedding woes.

Once you’ve zeroed in on your planner, you’ll have to ‘brief your plans’ right and early. Where do you start your search for the perfect wedding planner?

Enjoy classically themed weddings with an exotic choice of customization with Kavoossi Konsulting, the most-sought-after Orange County wedding planners, that also provides wedding & event planning services in San Diego, & Los Angels area of the States.

Why You Need A Wedding Planner For Your Wedding
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Wedding Planning – DIY or Hire Professional Planner

Wedding Planning – DIY or Hire Professional Planner

DIY planning is executable but you will still need assistance; after all, it’s your wedding and has to be a real blast. Doing everything on your own taking help of your friends and family members that are well organized in planning is the only alternative to hiring an expert event planner. To the final act what you will get by your side will be a lot of worries and stress about all the handling and planning on a special day.

Your friends or family members can definitely help you coordinate your wedding event, but they might not have the experience to plan out a wedding which involves a lot of working that an inexperienced person might fail to consider. Professional Wedding Planners create planning schedule and make sure that everything is flowing as smoothly as possible on your special day.

Wedding days are special, and the couple has to stay relaxed and enjoy their day. Don’t you think so? Let experts take care of every big/small detail and help run everything smoothly so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Wedding Event Planners can get the right Guidance throughout the Process

Hiring professional planners will be well worth. They can make your day less stressful. After planning out various events repeatedly, they are capable to guide you in the right manner through your entire process. The degree of creativity they would be having not everyone can have. They are well organized. They can handle an array of tasks at a time. They will offer you timely follow-ups. Most important, they will have sufficient time to do a full-time job for your big event. Would you or your family members or friends be able to manage all this? It is not a fun game. A lot of time and efforts are required, and if you are not careful, things can jeopardize your entire occasion. Professional Event Planners are helpful in many ways.

They have the right Connections and Know-how to Use Them

Managing all the details together, professional wedding planners will help you pick out the right vendors suitable to your specific needs. Being into business since long, they have their business diaries filled with reliable wedding vendors whom you can trust to offer great services. Moreover, for destination weddings, local event planners are the best choice to hire since they can help you their best way possible to reach out to all acceptable options available nearby.

Finding out the right vendor on your own is not an impossible task, but think about the span of time you would save steering directly towards the right direction with the help of your planner. Undoubtedly, the decision will be yours; but choosing one out of several options becomes quite easier when you get the right help. The key benefit of hiring planners is they know all those important questions you might unknowingly forget to ask the vendor. Your family members or friends might not have the right connection and wisdom required for planning a wedding.

They Can Spare You Enough Time and Money

Yes, hiring wedding planners will cost you bucks; but the help you will receive from the coordinator will for sure keep you within budget since they will be accustomed to the cost of event planning services. How much the venue will cost? Will it be convenient for the number of guests you will be having on your big day? How much food and beverages you will require per person? There will be many questions. And, an expert planner will be more eligible than you, your family or your friends to manage all the hectic with ease. You just sit relaxed; share your requirements, the type of venue, decoration, number of guests, food and beverages, etc. the team of wedding planners will manage everything in the best possible way.

Not only time, but they also save you money since they have some good business relationships with vendors in the wedding industry. Moreover, some of the vendors might be able to serve you within your budget. Planners can also suggest you reliable ideas on how you can achieve your big day wishes within your requirements and pocket. There years of existence into business and experience makes them awesome problem solvers. You, your friends, or family members most probably might not be so familiar with these details like a wedding planner.

Consider a Wedding Planner

A wedding is a ton of fun. Getting things to work out successfully requires the right help. Whether it is a small occasion or a huge celebration, planning out your own wedding is just like a huge marathon. That’s why Kavoossi Konsulting – event planning Companies in Orange County seems to be the best asset when planning out the day of your dreams. The knowledge and expertise of the event planners can help you build the most beautiful and unforgettable memories.

Marriage is about making a vow to pay out rest of your life with someone you love the most. It is the process of celebrating your special day with family and friends; simultaneously making it official and permanent. So why not spend your maximum time focusing on the things that matter you the most? The rest can be handed over to the most capable hands.

Wedding Planning – DIY or Hire Professional Planner
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