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8 Important Tips for Stressed Out Corporate Event Planners

8 Important Tips for Stressed Out Corporate Event Planners

Planning an event is a huge deal. Significant occasions like weddings or conferences are synonymous with huge expenses and are accompanied by a great deal of stress. Often, the additional burden of responsibilities might cause you to become extremely frustrated while planning for a function and ensuring that everything goes to according to the plan. This stress often leads to headaches. To help you avoid all of this, there are a few tips which can help you manage the events better:

  • Avoid Rushing

When loaded with a number of tasks, focus on one thing at a time rather than doing it all at once. Ensure that one task at a time is completed in its entirety so that you do not have to return to it.

Corporate Event Planners from Los Angeles often focus on one thing rather than on all of them and are successful at planning and designing beautiful galas and events.

  • Make a Plan

Organizing an event means having a lot of things to accomplish. So, prepare a checklist for all the essential tasks according to their priority. You should know what needs doing first and what needs doing last.

Having a plan beforehand will ensure that you are managing everything in the right way that could otherwise go wrong.

  • Work With the Team

Instead of just shouting orders and micro-managing, supervise your team from a distance and help them correct things when they seem to be going wrong. Always remember while working with professionals, that if you wish to achieve more, you should work as a team.

  • Outsource the Little Things

When you have a lot on your plate, you can assign smaller tasks like handling the payments or shopping to your assistant. Corporate Event Management companies often provide you with a team for these small tasks.

There are many things that can be done that don’t require your specific attention.

  • Have a Strict Time Schedule

When you are assigning tasks to various professionals, set a time-frame for each of them within which the tasks should be completed.

Having everything ready a couple of hours before the event commences is a good practice. Supervise the staff from time to time and keep a check on the schedule.

Remember, the whole team is on the clock. If there is one thing that the corporate event planners in Los Angeles are known for, it is the assurance that the team abides by the time-frame.

  • Do Not Start at the Last Moment

This goes without saying. Whenever you are working as a Corporate and Event Party Planner, it is wise to prep everything beforehand so that you can give yourself some time, like a whole day before the event begins.

Start the management well before time instead of rushing through everything at the last moment.

  • Take a Break

When you are in charge of everything, sometimes you are going to need a moment to yourself now and then to ensure that you do not overexert yourself. It is okay to be a little selfish sometimes.

The corporate event planners in Southern California are often seen taking a break from their hectic schedules of planning the event.

  • Have Relaxing Music on

Music helps you attain a relaxed mood. Whenever you start feeling tired, put on some music to relax.

  • Stress Less, Plan More

If you keep all of these things in mind, you can easily pull off an event without any mental stress. And that is the key to successful event management!

8 Important Tips for Stressed Out Corporate Event Planners
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5 Mistakes to Avoid Making When Choosing Event Planning Companies in Los Angeles

5 Mistakes to Avoid Making When Choosing Event Planning Companies in Los Angeles

Deciding whether to hire an event planner or not for an event is difficult. Having an event planner beside you to help and guide you through the whole process can take a huge workload off your shoulders. They have more experience and contacts, and they can surely enhance the look and feel of your event. However, you have to be absolutely sure when it comes to choosing an event planner, just like the right partner.

Here are the top 5 mistakes you should avoid making while you search for the best event planning companies in Southern California.

1. Blindly Following Friend’s Recommendations

Your friends might recommend an event planner and go on and on about how great they were for their event. But their event might have had a completely different style from yours.

As much as we like to rely on our friends and trust their taste and suggestions, you can’t pick an event planner simply because they worked for your BFF. Pick an event planner that is right for you and caters to your specific needs.

2. Going with Your First Option

Like we previously said – picking the right event planner is like finding the right partner, and it’s not easy to find the best corporate event management company.

So while it’s simple to be impressed with the first person you interview and go with them as your event planner, you should test the waters and keep your options open.

Meet a few different event planners, discuss your costs and ideas with them. See how well you can get along with them. This person is going to be by your side for the duration of the process, so you need to make sure the person is someone you can tolerate.

3. Not Preparing a Budget for Your Event

While there are a lot of good Event Planning Companies in Los Angeles, there needs to be a certain amount of input from your side as well.

You need to know an approximate budget that you are willing to allocate for the event so that the planner can help you decide the best possible ideas and suggestions that would work with your budget.

Knowing your budget will also help you narrow down on the kind of event planner you want to work with, a planner who does high-end events, or someone who can work well with smaller budgets.

4. Not Doing Your Homework

While meeting with an event planner, you can’t simply go empty-handed. So make sure you come armed with a folder full of reference pictures and ideas you have in mind for the event.

This will help the event planner get a better understanding of what exactly your needs and requirements are, and having your event ideas all mapped out, makes the whole planning process easier in the long run.

5. Not Asking About Their Previous Work, Portfolios, and References

A good and resourceful event planner will have some experience, and that should speak for itself.

Do make sure you ask the wedding planner to show pictures and videos of their previous events, or even better, ask them for a link to their website where you can check out their work.

Always make sure to ask if the pictures they use on their sites are pictures from their actual events.

By following our steps and avoiding these mistakes, you will surely find the best event management company near you in Southern California and plan a successful event.

5 Mistakes to Avoid Making When Choosing Event Planning Companies in Los Angeles
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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Coordinator in San Diego for a Stress-Free Wedding

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Coordinator in San Diego for a Stress-Free Wedding

When you think of planning your wedding, hundreds of thoughts cross your mind about the location, the theme, the décor and the guest list. But it’s also one of the most stressful things you and your partner will have to go through in preparation for your big day.

So, in order to make your job easier, hiring a wedding planner that understands your requirements and plan the wedding for you, is a great idea. Finding the right perfect wedding planner in San Diego might take time and effort, but seeing the wedding of your dreams come true makes the hard work worth it.

These tips will help you find a wedding planner that’s right for you and ensure a perfect, stress-free wedding.

1. Do a Lot of Research

The first step is to make a list of prospective wedding planners in San Diego or surrounding areas. Do a background check and get an idea of the weddings they’ve worked on previously.

Pay close attention to the décor, design, and style of their work. Maybe they usually work on intimate weddings, and you want your big day to be a grand event. In that case, they might not be the best choice for you.

Find out how much experience they have, and read up on their testimonials.

2. Let’s Talk Money

Knowing your budget is one of the most important things while hiring a wedding planner. It gives you and the wedding planner a clear idea of how things might work and what you can expect for the amount of money you are planning to invest in the wedding.

Make sure to ask the wedding planner not for the best package, but for the package they can give you within your budget. It makes a lot of difference.

3. Ask, Ask and Then Ask Some More

Make sure that you are prepared with a list of questions before meeting your potential wedding coordinator. Keep a set of five to ten important questions, like their style, what they’ve worked on previously, their experience, and what their wedding planning program is.

Let them know your expectations and also ask what their expectations are. Understanding how they work will probably be the determining factor whether you hire them to plan your wedding or not.

4. Have a Word with Their References

Don’t be in a hurry to hire your wedding coordinator immediately after your meeting with them. Talk to their references to see how they’ve worked on their weddings, whether they stuck to the promised budget, and if they delivered everything they promised they would.

Find out if they’re quick to respond to calls and emails and if there was anything that went wrong during their weddings and what the wedding coordinator did to prevent or fix it. You might be confident about your choice, but getting reassuring testimonials from their previous clients is always helpful.

5. Compatibility Is Key

The wedding coordinator you hire is going to be by your side day and night, guiding you through the full wedding planning process, so you need to have a strong connection with them.

They need to be as excited as you are about your wedding, and you need to be comfortable enough to voice your opinion and let them know when things are not going the way you want. They’re going to be your best friend for the next few months, so choose wisely!

Now that you know what to keep in mind when you’re looking for a wedding coordinator, happy hunting!

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Coordinator in San Diego for a Stress-Free Wedding
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What Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Planner for the Wedding You’ve Dreamed Of

What Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Planner for the Wedding You’ve Dreamed Of

With all the excitement that follows your engagement, you and your partner might find yourself through wedding sites, looking at venues, cakes, Pinterest pages, etc., and you’ll realize that planning a wedding is actually as hard as people say it is.

This is when your fiance and you might want to start looking for an actual wedding planner to lift the burden of responsibilities off your shoulders. Choosing your wedding planner is a difficult task by itself, as this is the person that would be by your side for the next couple of months helping you make all your decisions and making sure everything is ready for the most important day of your life.

While searching for a wedding planner in Los Angeles, you need to be sure of what you’re getting from the person you’re hiring, and these questions might help you understand better if the planner you’re meeting with is the right person for your wedding.

1. Which Package Suits You Best?

The planner that you’re meeting with does not know your budget, only you and your partner know how much you are going to spend on the wedding. So instead of asking for their best package, ask what package would best suit your budget.

No, don’t panic, you don’t have to go prepared with a detailed expenses plan, but a basic idea of your budget would really help in picking an affordable wedding planner in Los Angeles.

2. Why Should You Choose Them?

While searching for a wedding Planner Los Angeles, you could meet someone who might have done a hundred weddings before yours, but your wedding has to be unique and stand out from the rest. You must find out how they would make your wedding different from every other wedding.

Will they customize the wedding according to your likes and dislikes? Would they pick a new and exciting venue? Asking these questions will give you a clue about their working style and how they go about planning weddings.

3. How Many Weddings Have They Planned Before?

When it comes to your big day, you want to hand over the planning to someone who knows what they’re doing. If you wanted a beginner to do it, you might as well have done it yourself.

Ask them questions about their experiences and if they have previously worked on weddings that were in the same style as yours. If possible, ask them to show some pictures or design ideas of the previous weddings they’ve planned.

Knowing the kind of services they provide and how they go about their work will help you decide if they’re suitable for you or not.

4. How Do They Deal with Things Going Wrong?

The best wedding coordinators know what to do when things get out of hand. Ask them how they would manage bad weather, or how they would deal with an uncooperative family member. Always remember to ask about their previous experiences, and how fast they are at disaster mitigation!

5. Who Are Their Vendors?

One of the main reasons to hire a wedding planner is for their Rolodex. A good wedding planner should have the best list of vendors at their fingertips.

Remember to ask if they receive a commission from the vendors so you have a better understanding of who these vendors will benefit more – you or the planner.

Good luck and may your planner be just as right for you as the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with!

What Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Planner for the Wedding You’ve Dreamed Of
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How to Find an Event Planning Company for International Events

How to Find an Event Planning Company for International Events

Finding the right event planning companies in Orange County, CA may not be a big deal to help you co-host a local event. However, the same can’t be said about an international event! Hosting an international event is sure to get you out of your comfort zone as everything about it is complex requires hours of planning.

Also, since the delegates are going to be from diverse cultures and nationalities, you must be able to ensure that all your planning is in sync with their ethnicity and business culture. But you can’t really multitask between organizing an event and researching all the prevalent business cultures right?

This is where a good event planner in Orange County would be able to benefit you in hosting an international event. But for those uninitiated, here are some tips that could help you in your search for event planning companies in Orange County.

Tips for Finding the Right Event Planning Company for Hosting your International Event

Know your Event

What kind of event is that? How many foreign delegates are you expecting to attend it and from which ethnic background? You should be completely aware of your requirements before starting your search for an international event planner in Orange County.

Look out for Referrals and Known Organisers

Start your search with familiar names who have either worked for you or some acquaintance of yours in the past.

One main benefit of such planners is that you have an idea of their capabilities and would already be sharing a comfort level. If you have no such names in mind, search for people who have a portfolio that matches your requirement and research their online reviews.

Go for Event Planners with a Fair Knowledge of Diverse Business+Customs and Practices

There is something called global business culture, and we must warn you, it is as diverse as it sounds.

No two countries share the same practices and what may seem polite business ethics in one country might totally offend another delegate from a different country.

For example, as an American, you may find it normal to arrange your tables in groups of four, but someone from Mandarin culture would look at it as bad luck.

Cross Verify and Confirm Services Included in the Package

In case you are working with an event organizer abroad, never assume something you want is included in the list of services offered by the planner.

Just because some service is included by default in your place doesn’t necessarily mean it is the same across the globe. Check what all services are included and be sure to include all that you deem necessary.

An Afterthought

Planning and hosting an international event can be daunting for anyone especially it is on a grand scale. In such cases, getting the right event planner to co-host your event could be a definite blessing for the reputation of your company.

Deciding to host an international event itself is pretty challenging. Hence make sure that the event planner you choose has no sizing issues and is located in and around your event venue or is at least accessible in case of emergencies.

How to Find an Event Planning Company for International Events
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Choosing the Right Wedding Coordinator for your Special Day

Choosing the Right Wedding Coordinator for your Special Day

Your engagement is announced, the wedding date is out, and you have started visualizing your dream wedding.

Now, the onus of converting that dream to reality falls on you, your friends, family, and close ones. Did we miss anyone? Oh, yes – A SoCal Wedding Coordinator!

Finding the right wedding planner has become as important as getting the right partner these days! They play a vital role in your wedding planning and need to suit your requirements and your budget too.

While many may just go ahead and hire some planner who was referred by some friend or relative or go for the most popular one in the vicinity, this is seldom the right approach. To find the best in the market, you need to spend quality time researching the available options and finalizing the right one after a one-on-one interview with the wedding coordinator.

If you are searching for the best affordable wedding planner to plan your wedding, here are a few tips that would definitely help you with the search.

Tips to Find Wedding Coordinators in San Diego

Your wedding coordinator will be spending a lot of time with you, and hence, the first thing you must be concerned about while choosing a wedding is your comfort level with that person and their team.

This person is going to be there every step of your wedding, managing and coordinating every aspect of it, and so, must match your persona and preferences. Let us see some major aspects involved in selecting the best planner for your wedding.

1. Experience

Now that you have checked that your personalities match, you now need to analyze if that person has the expertise to carry out your plans and has the ability to transform your dream into reality!

This is really crucial. You must do your homework and check if that wedding coordinator has had successfully organized similar weddings like yours in the past.

That being said, you must let your intuition play a part here as well. Sometimes, you might need a great deal of imagination and not years of experience to visualize and carry out a wedding!

2. Budget

Organizing any event requires sticking to the budget and working around it. While the wedding planners would have a good network of people who can help them stick to a budget, it is important to check if the wedding coordinator has worked on such budgets in the past.

They must also be able to procure services and wedding arrangements within the stipulated budget through their network. Always make your budget very clear and also specify the level of flexibility you can handle.

3. Understand your Requirement

There are hundreds of wedding coordinators in the market, and you can get yourself the right one that suits your requirement.

You can choose from a day-of coordinator, a full-service planner, and a partial planning service depending on what kind of service you require.

4. Cross Verify their Credentials

When you meet with a wedding planner, don’t forget to get a list of references that you can cross verify. Also, check their online reviews and digital portfolios to analyze if they can manage your wedding coordination.

You need to ascertain that the planner has done a good job with the previous weddings he/she has undertaken.

5. Don’t Haggle too Much

Your wedding plan would definitely cost money, and if you try to save more than what is ideal, your planner might offer substandard services to manage within the budget. This is not what you would want for the most special day of your life.

6. Understand the Reach of the Wedding Planner

Every wedding coordinator has a set of caterers they usually rely on. However, does the planner also have a Plan B in case they are not available or don’t fit the budget?

Only the best planner would know places to look for along with the service and wedding accessories suiting every budget and would always be ready with alternate options.

Hiring a wedding planner is surely not an easy task, but can be super fun when done in the right spirits. Ensure that you have ample time to plan for your wedding and have not selected your wedding planner on a whim or because your friend told you to!

Analyze all the wedding coordinators in San Diego, Los Angeles, and surrounding Southern California areas to find the perfect one for your special day. In the end, trust your gut instinct a bit tool, for who would know what is best for your special day more than you!

Choosing the Right Wedding Coordinator for your Special Day
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Event Management Services – Vital Guidelines to Choose the Best One

Event Management Services – Vital Guidelines to Choose the Best One

Hosting an event without the help of an event management company is simply not a great idea. Be it a wedding planning, hosting a corporate event or even organizing a small party; you know where to look for to make it hassle-free and uncomplicated.

However, you need to know the complexities involved in finding the right event management agency for your event. With so many options to consider and a plethora of event management, how does one do that?

We are bringing to you a list of to help you with this:-

How to Approach Event Management Company?

You need to positively do your research and homework before curating a list of potential corporate event planning agencies near you. It would enable you to identify the best fit even before you sit down for a one-on-one meeting with them.

Evaluate the Purpose

The first and foremost thing you must analyze is the purpose for which the event is organized.

Will it be a private party, a corporate event or a wedding? Check for all those event management companies in Los Angeles that have expertise in hosting such events.

If your event is big, it is advisable that you go for someone with a good amount of experience in that area than giving it off to someone new (unless, of course, you now the planner personally).

Create a Checklist

After your purpose is evaluated, you would now have a list of potential event management firms that you could hire.

The next step is to create an elaborate checklist of all possible things and services that you might require for the event.

Food, flowers, water, return gifts, and all other possible requirements should be carefully jotted down. This would help you scrutinize and determine which of those potential event planners provide you with the cheapest and most effective package for them.

Narrow down on the Kind of Service you Require

Depending on the size and scope of your event, you would require a bigger or smaller team to help you co-host the entire event effectively.

Going for a SoCal event planner that has the necessary team size would help you cut costs and save a lot.

Also, based on what you want, you can choose from a day-of coordinator, a full-service planner, or a partial planning service. This would further bring down your cost to a large extent.

Go for the Nearest One

The event management firm you finalize must be near the event location. This would prevent unnecessary time delays and glitches pertaining to logistics.

Ensure that the planner has complete control of all the necessary things and alternative plans in place for the event.

Check their Online Credentials

Before personally contacting a planner, check the firm’s online credentials. In this fast digital world, you can get to know all about a company and their performances through their digital footprint and customer reviews.

Dig a little bit and find if their success rate and success rate. Also, check the size and scope of relevant events they have organized in the past to determine if they can handle yours as well.

Analyze their Network

Any event management coordinators need the support and help of various small vendors to enable them to source things and services for the event.

It is of prime importance that the planner you finalize has several backup vendors and plans to ensure zero hassle.

Check if the planning firm has been constantly relying on one kind of venue or caterer for all the events hosted by them or do they have many other vendors as well in case one fails to suit their requirements.

When it comes to event management, the more the firm’s reputation, the more network they would have. You should also check if they have the ability to source products and accessories at a discounted or wholesale rate.

Take the Help of References and Social Media Sites

Often, you can find the best event management company through word of mouth or from social media sites like Linkedin and Facebook.

These are the sources from where you can get to know about their past events, successes, and also their possible failures all in one place. This would uncomplicate your selection process and make it more efficient.


Finally what you communicate to the event management firm is what would matter! Before you contact the planner, sit and rehearse what you want to communicate and create a checklist of all that you would want to ask them.

Remember, keeping the conversation simple, transparent, and extremely clear is the key to understanding each other better. Convey your deadlines and check if the planner can stay within it and co-host the entire event in the given time.

Event Management Services – Vital Guidelines to Choose the Best One
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How to Choose Professional Wedding Planner in Los Angeles

How to Choose Professional Wedding Planner in Los Angeles

Of late you would have noticed a whole range of Wedding Planners in Los Angeles, San Diego, and near areas. From a day-of planner to someone taking care of everything and those who just help you in arrangements, you have a huge list to choose from. While some may contemplate doing everything on their own, there is a whole new generation of brides and grooms who prefer a professional to manage their wedding.

So now that you have landed here, we assume that you have actually started looking out for wedding planners near me. But it is not that easy a task as you need to know exactly what services you require and choose the planner who could give that to you. But they all look glamorous and so convincingly perfect for your big day. Then how exactly can you select the right one for you?

5 Tips to Choose a Wedding Planner in SoCal areas

To get the perfect wedding planner, you need to know what you want exactly and should ask the right questions. We got you covered with the basics here.

#1 Know Your Budget and Need

Depending on how much your wedding budget is and how elaborate a service you require, you can choose from a day-of coordinator (Doesn’t involve in planning, just help with the logistics), a full-service planner (end-to-end deal) or a wedding coordinator (just the wedding planning).

You and your fiancé must be aware of how much you can actually spend on planning and organizing your wedding. You should also have an idea of approximately how many guests you are inviting.

#2 Did You Connect with the Planner?

Your planner is the one person who should be able to understand and visualize your dream wedding. So it is of prime importance that you are able to connect with your wedding planner. While interviewing prospective Wedding Planners in Los Angeles, ask yourself these simple questions

  • Is the planner actually with your vision?
  • Will he/she be able to work with your budget?
#3 Know More about the Planner

While interviewing the planner, you get to know more about him/her.

  • Has she/he planned weddings similar to yours?
  • How many guests have the planner had to manage and cater for in the past?
  • Did they stick to the given budget?
  • Is the wedding planner certified and licensed? If yes, from which institute and since when?
  • How long have they been in this business?
  • How many weddings have the planner catered to?

Check if the planner has any kind of membership with any wedding association. You must also check if the planner already has any bookings around your wedding date and if he/she can manage them both simultaneously. Get plenty of references as they would help you help in analyzing better.

#4 Don’t Go by Their Age

When it comes to finding the right wedding planner, the golden rule is “Never go by their age”. It doesn’t matter if the planner has years of experience in planning weddings and another one is just a newcomer. What a veteran planner has got through experience; a younger one would be able to deliver by being more tuned to newer trends and eagerness to learn and innovate.

#5 They Must Know Your Culture for sure!

While it is a bit difficult to limit your search to only those who are from your cultural background (SoCal native), you can look for those who at least know about your culture, practices and are open to learn and execute. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you wanted your wedding to be.

People would only see what the planner did in reality. Just make sure that you get a SoCal wedding planner who would give you a perfect wedding you have always dreamt of!

How to Choose Professional Wedding Planner in Los Angeles
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The surprisingly tough part about getting engaged!

I’m so happy you’re here. Our Konsulting company is excited to share with you helpful hints, tools, ideas, and events with you through our blog on Kavoossi Konsulting. Let’s get this show rolling! This month let’s talk about how to even get started. You’re one in a million and the love of your life has proposed to you in such a special, heartfelt, and meaningful way. You spent some time celebrating with your friends and family, really soaking it in that you’re going to share your life with this person. Now what? I can’t tell you how often couples come to us with this perplexing situation. It’s totally real. Now what? Now, you need to make some decisions and some of those seem super scary and intimidating. Some of those decisions involve deciding if you need to spend your savings on a wedding or if you need to talk to your parents about money (I mean, that’s the worst), or if you need to invite Aunt whatshername to come rain on your parade at the wedding. Every decision you’re about to make, albeit together or not, will help shape your wedding and your marriage. So, think it through, and don’t rush a thing. Since the wedding industry has become a multi-billion dollar giant in the last decade, its important for most people to make sure that they are getting what they want, but not overspending just because Florist A has 50,000 followers on Instagram. Let’s face it, there are companies out there who think they are the shit of the world just because of their followers. But, what it really comes down to is service. So, let’s give you some of our great service by Kavoossi Konsulting with coming up with the first three steps we think you need to decide for your wedding.

Number One: Budget.

Yes, it sucks thinking about this. If only everyone could just have a million dollar wedding for $10. The reality is that you are going to need to have this conversation. No, you aren’t going to have any specifics really when you start off and yes, you are going to need to still make this decision. Deciding your approximate, repeat: approximate, budget is the starting point of everything else. It will determine your venue, vendors, and where you can and cannot splurge. It might include having to talk to your parents about money, and to each other about money, which if you haven’t really done before and your finances are still separate, might get uncomfortable.
We encourage you to get your squealing over with and then get busy with coming up with a number. Assume that you are going to have to spend at least 10-15% above your approximate budget. You might find a dress that you can’t live without or a tuxedo vest that is to die for. You might decide to have a rehearsal dinner and Sunday brunch. You might even decide to have a specialized cigar bar. Whatever you decide, know that 10-15% will almost be guaranteed to happen. If you don’t end up spending it, great, you just saved that money!
Back to the lecture at hand, figure out the number. Whatever it takes. Do it when you’re both in a good place, when no one has drama at work or within families, and when you can dedicate legit time to it. If you need to consult with other people, aka parents, family member, friend, bank, give yourself a deadline for that. Much anxiety is caused by unknowns so if you know the date of when you’re supposed to talk again after consulting with that party, you might feel more at ease.
Once you figure out the number, write it down, and commit to each other to do your best to both respect it. The last thing either of you need is more drama around finances.

Number Two: Guest Count.

Yup, you guessed it. That’s right—figure out how many other people you want to pay for to share in your happiness to celebrate your marriage. The key here is share. These amazing human beings are going to be the ones that are going to be in your memories of your wedding experience. Make sure they are worth it. If you can invite everyone and their mom, great. If you can’t and you want to or have to be selective, be that—selective. Evaluate everyone as someone who is going to be there to be a part of your happily ever after. They won’t just be your guests because they are going to be involved in your life moving forward as a couple after that experience.
The guest count is going to be an approximation. You can adjust this later but you need to get on a spreadsheet 3 things: 1- your guests together, 2 & 3- and then each side’s guest list, if you are including their guests as well. Your shared guests are going to include your best friends, your core group, if you work together maybe your coworkers and/or boss. Your individual lists will include your family members, cousins, family friends, if you don’t work together then your coworkers and/or boss. Its important for our couples to see this separation so that they can then work on their guest list if needed to shrink it or build it up.
Once you have your approximate guest list (or guest lists), come up with a total number, something that you can both agree on that feels comfortable and reasonable. This might be 45 people, it might be 750 people. Whatever it is, this number is going to help you narrow down your venue and event search. If you have this done, congratulations! This is a huge step!

Number Three: Local or Destination?

Deciding this is going to determine your venue size, location, and price. Those are going to be the main factors involved in choosing where you want to celebrate your union. Some things to consider:

1) Do you have a huge guest list and would destination help cut your cost down but not your respect for the guests that you just have to invite?
2) Is everyone who you want to be at your wedding healthy enough to make the trip? Would their presence or lack of presence make or break your experience?
3) Are their cultural or familial factors that are at play for this decision?

This is the final step in the Now what? series that we recommend. This final decision will determine if you are going to be searching locally and within what radius of your home or if you will have a destination wedding. Remember, if you and your future spouse live in two different locations and your families are from two different places, this is something you will need to discuss to be sure no one has hurt feelings or is disrespected.
We hope our post today has helped clear the way for you to get started on your Now what? process and we hope we have given you some level of comfort in knowing what you need to get done first.
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