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Corporate Event Planning Checklist

An organized checklist ensures that everything is been taken care of and there isn’t anything missed out due to the lapse of memory. Whether you have penned down your checklist or have researched the best ‘Corporate event planners near me’, important is to have a tool where you can keep yourself updated after each step of the event planning is accomplished.

The Exclusive Checklist That Works When Organizing a Corporate Event

The Venue

The location you choose for the event is the major thing that can take away a huge chunk out of your pocket. The venue is to be booked well in advance to make sure that it is available on the day of your event. If you are planning to hire an event planner it will be completely easy for the team to ensure that the cost of your favorite venue is within your desired budget and the décor and settings of the ambience are completely suitable to your type of event.

  • Cost – it should be within your desired budget.
  • Ambiance – it should have the décor and setting that can suit your type of corporate event. There should be enough space to accommodate the number of attendees you may have on the event day. This is necessary to ensure if you are to host a presentation.
  • Occupancy – check if the venue you want to hire is capable to accommodate the number of people you may have present in your event. Make sure that the venue also accommodates handicaps if you may have any.
  • Rooms – if you are supposed to host different workshops or need to accommodate VIP attendees, you will need separate rooms. So make sure the venue is capable to offer you multiple rooms.
  • Equipment – the venue should have a sufficient amount of equipment. If not you may need to acquire them from elsewhere.
  • Janitor – there should be a person available to clean out the trash cans and maintain the restrooms for the attendees.
  • Parking – there should be sufficient parking area. Make sure that none of the latecomers need to park their vehicles across the street.
Estimated time for each activity

Have a list of time estimate for every single activity. Setting up this timeline is important to anticipate unexpected delays and troubles like some technical issue. In easy words, if you think your presentation may take approx 50 minutes, your penned down estimated time should be 60 or 70 minutes. Prepare a separate checklist for the activities you want to have during the event. The activities may include-

  • Introduction
  • Workshop
  • Guest lecture
  • Intermission
  • Presentation
  • Closing state
  • Post-event party
Meal to be served

It’s your corporate event. At least some light appetizer should the there for the attendees present. If you are with a good budget you can also organize catering or self-serve buffet. Whatever it may be, you need to be clear on the type of foodstuffs to be organized. Here is a short checklist for the type of meal you can opt-

  • Appetizers
  • Some special dietary stuff
  • Alcohol
  • Dessert

It will be good to arrange some boxes so the attendees can pack the leftover items and take away with them. See that the venue is having a clean place to store the food and keep it fresh and warm until served.


Safety is very important. There is always a scope of someone getting hurt during big events. So, your corporate event should include experienced security personnel. You don’t always need to have armed security but it does depend on the area of your event.

Make sure that the venue entrance is having security personnel positioned. And if required, on more personnel should also be there patrolling around the venue. Most importantly, security personnel should be hired by some reputable organizations.

If the process of preparing a checklist and following it accurately is daunting and overwhelming for you since you may have a lot of other areas to manage, it is advisable to find the best corporate event management company that can help you prepare your event checklist.

An event planner such as Nedda Kavoossi can take care of everything. You just need to make sure that the checklist your planner is following suits your type of event and budget.

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Corporate Event Planning Checklist