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Easy Steps to Plan a Budget Wedding

A perfect wedding venue and elegant wedding outfits for you and your partner are the two major things you may initially think about for your big day. Before you start seeking for these essentialities you should settle your wedding budget. Doesn’t appear to be an exciting part, but it is the most essential factor when planning a wedding day. Your wedding outfit, cake, flower, decorative items, etc. will easily make you overspend, so picking up a budget and maintaining it is very important.

Things to Think Before Planning Your Big Day

Planning a wedding is a tough task. Booking a budget-friendly venue, hiring professional servers and bartenders, and many other important details require the help of an experienced wedding planning services provider. You have climbed over the flight of fantasy for this day but have you imagined the stress about expenses that will come along with each stage of your wedding planning?

Setting a wedding budget is the smartest way to keep your great day spending on track. Your rightful steps can help you sail smoothly towards your wedding day.

Figure out your budget

While fixing the wedding plans, it is essential to figure out the budget you can spend on your wedding. Budget fixing may not be an exciting process for you but is the most important task to complete at first. The only thing you will fall for is booking the venue, meeting vendors, selecting dresses, etc. You will ultimately realize that the charges are completely out of your reach. Sit down with your partner, parents, and/or other and ask them to help you figure out your total budget. Divide this budget by the service providers.

Meet with your financing

Marriage is the beginning of a new life. Starting it in debt is not a good decision. If you and your partner are sharing the bulk of your wedding cost, figure out how much both of you can contribute without getting into the red. Money is the most sensitive object. Being honest and open about the spending will not only pour water on the confusion but will also make you learn how to overcome money issues.

Prepare your guest list

Another important step to take while setting your budget is to prepare a guest list. Figure out how many people and who all should be invited to your wedding and reception. The guest list will eventually help you determine the ample amount of space you will require to accommodate your guests, the quantity of food you will need to organize for the meal, including other crucial monetary factors. However, it is obvious, the fewer names you invite, the more you will be able to save!

Decide on what expenses your family may contribute to

Families also offer a contribution to the wedding expenses. You can request your parents for a cash contribution. If you are uncomfortable requesting for the cash, you can ask them to manage a wedding cake for you, or you can tell them to manage the decoration part, or you can just let them pick the sample for your rehearsal meal up. Having them contribute to your budget will indeed ease the stress of restricted cash on hand.

Learn where can you spend more and where less

Some wedding items and services are highly priced. Learning what parts you can spend big bucks and what parts you can cut the costs is very important. Prepare a list of services you won’t mind to spend more money on and another list of services that are not so important to spend more money. For example, you may not mind hiring a pricey wedding photographer to click each moment of your wedding; on the other side, beer and wine may be the two only sufficient acquisition instead of having an open bar.

Choose the best feasible wedding date

Certain time of the year will be pricier. Holidays, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas, are the most money generating days. Everyone will be in higher demand. You will for sure find some comparatively cost-effective and great deals. Negotiation is a must! You will find many event planners like Kavoossi Konsulting willing to work at or around your budget.

Be flexible while planning the dates

Being flexible with dates is very important. Choose the best passable dates, before you start searching for the wedding venues. First of all, think about the time. Holidays or Saturday night weddings are more expensive and competitive. Cost-effective vendors and venues are hard to find during the period. If possible, be open to the date. Check the calendar thoroughly. Taking holidays and festivals into consideration choose a few best dates. This will be very helpful while choosing the venue.

Book a reasonable venue

Now it’s time to book a wedding venue. Do a little research, shortlist the few best wedding venues near you, read the testimonials and online reviews of past customers, visit a representative in person, and together with your partner find out your dream wedding venue. Read the contract properly before signing. Moreover, it is recommendable to hire a professional wedding planner to help you find the best deal with venue booking.

Enjoy your big day

And finally, the big day has arrived. You with your partner and family have worked hard throughout the entire wedding planning process. So, now it’s time to enjoy every minute of the day.

Ultimately, setting a budget is a must to manage wedding spending. Knowing exactly what to do and what not to do will help you communicate with your wedding planner, vendors, and everyone involved in the preparation of your wedding day in a better way.

Easy Steps to Plan a Budget Wedding