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5 Ideas for Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

Regardless of what others say or think about Wines, Wine lovers have a language and culture of their own. They explore the rich and deep world of wines and revel in its deliciousness.

However, wine tasting parties are one of the most difficult events to organize. This is because their primary purpose is not recreational. Instead, they are a way to bring together all the wine connoisseurs amongst your friend circle and give them a few hours of sheer piquant delight.

Though most people prefer to organize such a party on their own, it is also a wise choice to hire a professional wine tasting event planner. They wouldn’t just lend you a hand with the arrangements, but they would also ensure that your event maintains the impeccable trio of finesse, delicacy, and class.

Whether you decide to hire a professional party planner or choose to handle the event yourself, here are a few wines tasting party ideas that will help turn your gathering into a joyride of complete fun.

#1 Use a Scorecard

Give your wine tasting party a flicker of entertainment by playing a simple game. Bag the wines in such a way that their labels aren’t visible. Hand each one of your guests a scorecard. Now, pick up the first variety of wine and pour it.

Let them take a guess as to whether it is Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot noir, or something else. Also, have them rate it. Continue to do this with all the wines on the platter.

Finally, serve the one in which everyone rates the highest. This would make the guests more involved in both, the party and the beverage.

#2 Arrange it with Dinner

Although the wine in itself is sufficient to appease the palate, there is nothing like adding a bit of food to the mix. When explored with different kinds of contextual dishes, wine tasting parties take on a whole new dimension.

To begin with, simply provide appetizers for the guests. In this regard, crackers and mild cheese can prove to be an excellent choice as they help neutralize the taste buds thus enable the guests to easily distinguish one wine from another. Pair this up with a full three-course meal to add some extra flair.

#3 Decor with a Theme

As any wine tasting planner would tell you, nothing can beef up your party’s energy more than a theme that connects all the guests with a common thread.

For instance, if you’re holding the party during the winter break, give it the color of Christmas. Have all the guests wear red and green. Decorate your wine bottles with tiny reindeer horns.

Make a Christmas tree out of wine bottles. Similarly, you can even have region-specific themes if the wines you’re planning to serve are the specialty of a certain area.

4# Change the Venue

It is not always necessary to host a wine tasting event in your living room. You can always change the venue to induce a little excitement. Take your guests on a vineyard tour.

If you aren’t aware of the vineyards near you, hire a wine trip planner to help you locate one.

If possible, make it a day-long trip. Most vineyards provide visitors with a tour which includes tastings, pairings, and even a set of grapes to stomp on. This would ascertain that your guests can quite literally have a scrumptious time.

Apart from the above, you can also try other wine tasting party ideas like arranging for a wine club, inviting an expert to educate your guests about wines, or hosting a ‘bring your own wine’ event.

However, make sure that the idea you finally settle for is not commonplace.

#5 Get Professional Help

Above all, when hiring a professional for wine tasting event planner who can manage the task in the best possible way, look no further than Kavoossi Konsulting that provides event planning service in San Diego, Los Angeles, and surrounding SoCal areas.

Being a SoCal event party planner, the team at Kavoossi Konsulting will make sure that your event is handled with due diligence and care. In other words, your wine tasting party will seamlessly reflect your personal style and will thus enable you to make beautiful memories.

Wines are not just a drink. They are also the hub around which most people’s social lives are centered. This is precisely why it is important to ensure that your guests get to enjoy this fermented grape beverage with panache.

5 Ideas for Hosting a Wine Tasting Party