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5 Fabulous Reasons to Get Your Pre-Wedding Shoot Done

The Most Experienced Wedding Planners in Los Angeles have their say!

From exotic locations and signature couple poses to those glamourous designer outfits and candid shots, pre-wedding shoots give couples a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put their best face and foot forward. Pre-wedding shoots capture this lovely phase of life when you are just about to start a new journey together. If you had the slightest of doubt on why a pre-wedding shoot is high up on the list of things for a couple about to wed, as a leading Los Angeles Wedding Planners, we have five impressive reasons that will leave you totally convinced. Here they are!

1. Pre-wedding shoots help you get closer to each other

Wedding bells ring in the new phase of life. As a couple, it is essential to know your better half well before walking down the aisle. Pre-wedding shoots give you that casual and comfortable setting with lots of privacy to interact, listen and really understand your partner in a better way.

Professional wedding planners in Los Angeles will create perfect settings that help you connect with your partner and spend quality time in some of the most desired locations. Pre-wedding shoots will also help you capture this memorable phase of life in the most stunning ways.

2. Express your unique personalities through creative ways

As seasoned wedding coordinators in Los Angeles, our team has successfully created unique, customized, and creative ways to bring your love and personality to come alive on the screen. Whether it’s a casual walk on the beach, a sprint on a track, a Parisian carousel, interstate highway, a chemistry lab, or lush green park, we shortlist stunning locations that reflect your personalities & interests to make for a memorable shoot.

Time to go creative in your unique ways with the best wedding planners in Los Angeles.

3. Glam it up and flaunt those best suits & dresses

If you have been longing to wear that designer one-piece dress for a long time, then pre-wedding shoots are a great occasion to bring the best out of your closet. You can also go on a special shopping spree and buy those amazing clothes you have always desired. As experienced SoCal Wedding Planners, we have also seen couples who like to twin for the shoot and match their bae’s outfits. Twinning adds lots of fun element to the shoot.

Many couples also see a pre-wedding shoot as a dress rehearsal and try their trousseau, hairstyles, and different makeup looks.

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4. Get casual and intimate for those lovely candid shots

Weddings are generally tightly scheduled ceremonies with lots of guests, pleasantries, and socializing involved. Many times wedding ceremonies become stressful for the couple, and instead of enjoying the best moment of their lives, the rituals instead become draggy.

As the best Los Angeles Wedding Planners, we have seen that pre-wedding shoots allow couples to have some ‘we’ time, get candid, and have their best moments captured as lifelong memories. Instead of faking smiles under stress at the wedding, the couple can feel elaxed, comfortable with each other and give their best poses for the photographs.

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5. Understand your photographer, his styles, and working methods

Pre-wedding shoots give an ideal opportunity to build a rapport with your photographer. By working closely in secluded environs, the couple can understand how the photographer works, what cues are given, and equipment used. During the pre-wedding shoot, the conversations break the ice and allow the couple to get friendly with the photographer.

On the other side, the photographers also get a chance to understand the couple’s individual personalities. Who is shy, who is comfortable to give a pose, who needs minimum clicks & more – all those questions get answered in the minds of the photographer.

Get in touch with us, and we will help you get the most beautiful, memorable, and lovely pre-wedding shoot that you can cherish for a lifetime.

5 Fabulous Reasons to Get Your Pre-Wedding Shoot Done