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How to Find an Event Planning Company for International Events

Finding the right event planning companies in Orange County, CA may not be a big deal to help you co-host a local event. However, the same can’t be said about an international event! Hosting an international event is sure to get you out of your comfort zone as everything about it is complex requires hours of planning.

Also, since the delegates are going to be from diverse cultures and nationalities, you must be able to ensure that all your planning is in sync with their ethnicity and business culture. But you can’t really multitask between organizing an event and researching all the prevalent business cultures right?

This is where a good event planner in Orange County would be able to benefit you in hosting an international event. But for those uninitiated, here are some tips that could help you in your search for event planning companies in Orange County.

Tips for Finding the Right Event Planning Company for Hosting your International Event

Know your Event

What kind of event is that? How many foreign delegates are you expecting to attend it and from which ethnic background? You should be completely aware of your requirements before starting your search for an international event planner in Orange County.

Look out for Referrals and Known Organisers

Start your search with familiar names who have either worked for you or some acquaintance of yours in the past.

One main benefit of such planners is that you have an idea of their capabilities and would already be sharing a comfort level. If you have no such names in mind, search for people who have a portfolio that matches your requirement and research their online reviews.

Go for Event Planners with a Fair Knowledge of Diverse Business+Customs and Practices

There is something called global business culture, and we must warn you, it is as diverse as it sounds.

No two countries share the same practices and what may seem polite business ethics in one country might totally offend another delegate from a different country.

For example, as an American, you may find it normal to arrange your tables in groups of four, but someone from Mandarin culture would look at it as bad luck.

Cross Verify and Confirm Services Included in the Package

In case you are working with an event organizer abroad, never assume something you want is included in the list of services offered by the planner.

Just because some service is included by default in your place doesn’t necessarily mean it is the same across the globe. Check what all services are included and be sure to include all that you deem necessary.

An Afterthought

Planning and hosting an international event can be daunting for anyone especially it is on a grand scale. In such cases, getting the right event planner to co-host your event could be a definite blessing for the reputation of your company.

Deciding to host an international event itself is pretty challenging. Hence make sure that the event planner you choose has no sizing issues and is located in and around your event venue or is at least accessible in case of emergencies.

How to Find an Event Planning Company for International Events