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How to Plan a Birthday Party Within Your Budget?

Birthday party planners often find themselves scratching their heads over the impending budget. Once a list comprising of all the required items has been made, the issue of cost immediately comes up. However, you need not worry too much about this because you can manage a birthday party well within your budget.

Anna Bahney had great advice in the Forbes magazine. She says the cost of a party does not matter to those participating. It is the party itself that is important. So if you cut the costs of your party, you will in no way compromise its significance. The tips below will enlighten you on how to plan a birthday party at the least possible cost.

1. Hold the Party at Home

One way of reducing the costs is to hold the party at your home. You can have everyone eat and dance in the house. Your family living room and stereo will do just fine for that purpose. You can then have people run around and play games in the backyard. The joy in their faces will be your true reward.

2. Do What You Can by Yourself

You can make invitation cards yourself instead of buying them. Your friends or children will excitedly help you with that. Alternatively, you can simply send emails. If you need balloons, you can buy them plain and decorate them before inflating. It is cheaper that way. You can also cut up your own ribbons to decorate the place and bake your cake yourself.

If it is a children’s party, they can help make the paper caps to put on their heads and you can paint their faces yourself. It is particularly important for kids birthday party planners to find a way of involving them in activities.

3. Buy Snacks Not Whole Meals

You should avoid the desire to prepare a feast for your birthday guests to avoid the steep price. You can prepare some snacks and juice instead. The trick is to make the party time fall between meals. If the guest have already taken lunch, then they will not mind something light.

4. Plan for Simple Free Games

You can have lots of simple games that don’t cost a dime. If the party is for children, you will be surprised at the number of games they will come up with. They are the experts in that area, since playing is what they do in most of their free time. Teenagers and adults enjoy games too. For instance, if you have some space, a simple race or a game of volleyball will do.

5. Shorten the Party Duration

You should plan the activities to last for a short duration. A maximum of two hours is advisable. To help manage this, you should prepare a program for the day and inform the guests about it. You can do this by including the planned activities in your invitation card or email. You can also jog their memories by announcing each activity before it happens. They will automatically know when the festivities are over.

6. Avoid Takeaway Gifts

It is great to give the guests leftovers to carry home. However, it is not a must. You can do without small gifts for them to take away. A painted face is good enough for a child to carry away with. You should take pictures to help commemorate the occasion and share them via phone or email.

7. Recycle Some Items

You will find that there are several items you used for Christmas or some other celebration. These include decorations and balloons. Some of them can be reused for the birthday party to trim down the costs. Even event management Southern California will ask you what you already have in place to cut down the budget.

Hold a Birthday Within Your Means

By adhering to the tips above, you can hold a birthday party that is well within your means. It will still be a great party without straining your budget. Remember, it is the party that matters, not the cash you spend on it.

How to Plan a Birthday Party Within Your Budget?