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How to Plan a Successful Bridal Shower?

Throwing a bridal shower is one of the key responsibilities of the maid of honor. If you want to go down in the history books as one of the best there ever was, then your bridal shower planning must be astute. But, with so many responsibilities and so much to do, it can turn out to be a daunting task.

So, here are a few tips to help you with your bridal shower planning checklist. Before taking on any momentous task, the absolute pre-requisite is keeping a calm mind. So, keep calm and follow this checklist on bridal showers planning.

1. Save the Date

The first thing to do is get the date for the bridal shower and book the venue. If you want to do it at somebody’s home, that’s fine. But you’ll still need the date to start planning for everything else. So, talk with the bride, ask her for a date which she’ll be comfortable with, and plan things around that date. Get in touch with the venue coordinator as soon as you can, since that can get you some early bird discounts.

2. What’s the Theme?

Every bridal shower needs a theme. Depending on the likes, dislikes or even fantasies of the bride, you can think up different bridal shower ideas in accordance with them. For example, it can be a fairytale shower, an around-the-clock shower, or even a lingerie shower if you’re going for something fun. The theme sets the tone of the party and also helps create a purpose. If you want, you can also mandate a theme-based dress for the party to make it more interesting.

3. Count the Heads

The bridal shower should have all the people that the bride considers near and dear to her. So, take note of all those people she wants to attend the party and create a list. Once the list is completed, get it re-checked by the bride to ensure you aren’t missing out on anyone.

4. Create a Budget

Now that you have all the necessary pre-requisites to creating a budget, it’s time to pool your funds and see what kind of budget you’re working with. The budget will help you determine the final location, the menu, the decoration, and other related expenses.

5. Where’s the Beef?

The date is ready, the theme is selected and we have a head count. It’s time to think about the menu. The menu should be created after taking common allergies, diet preferences (vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic, etc.) into consideration and dishes preferred by the bride. While it’s obviously not possible to meet everyone’s needs, there should be an effort to ensure inclusiveness.

6. Cards Say It All

Now, it’s time to select the cards and start sending them to your invitees. Most people tend to stick to online cards these days, but if your bride has a knack for the retro-stuff, handmade cards will be your best bet. Irrespective of whichever medium you select, try to include sincerity, love, and humility in the message.

7. Be the Best Hostess Ever!

Lastly, you need to be the best hostess ever! That’s one of the surest ways to being the best bridal shower planner ever. So, create a list of party games that the invitees and the bride would be playing. Try to keep a balance between fun and sanity. Don’t try to do things that are overtly wild. Leave that to spontaneity. Always keep a list of backup games, in case some of them flop.

Follow this checklist to throw the best bridal shower for your bride-to-be!

How to Plan a Successful Bridal Shower?