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Most Useful Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding

Most Useful Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding

Perfect matches may be made in heaven, but unforgettable weddings happen in exotic locations and picturesque destinations. Destination weddings are the most coveted option amongst couples these days. With the excitement of traveling to a new place, beautiful locations, Instagrammable settings, and memories of a lifetime, destination weddings open up a lot of possibilities and creative room for couples to achieve.

A Quick Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding

According to leading Los Angeles wedding planners, all the joyous celebrations and merrymaking that weddings are all about, it is only fitting that you put a lot of thought and planning into the most memorable day of your life. Here are few useful tips that will help you to sail smoothly to a Happily Ever After.

Deciding the Destination

So, the big question has been popped and the idea of having a destination wedding is on your mind. Well, the first step in planning the wedding of your dreams would be to decide on a destination. Most of the wedding planners from Los Angeles and elsewhere suggest couples select a destination that would both convenient and fits within their budget.

Unique Wedding Themes

One of the most significant advantages of having a destination wedding is that there is no limit to the event you can create. You can select a tropical theme, incorporate local traditions, or whatever you want. Choose a wedding venue and theme that complements your persona and suits your convenience.

Unconventional themes for wedding ceremonies like tropical beach weddings, forest weddings, wineries, serene garden weddings, overwater chapels weddings, picturesque weddings on a hill station are quite a vogue. Professional wedding planner & event management company in Los Angeles can be of great help in this regard.

Preparing the Guest List

Whether you want your wedding event to be a close-knit affair or planning to host a colossal crowd, planning a guest list is an important step. If you are planning an out-of-country wedding, a smaller guest list will be a practical option.

A small wedding allows you to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. This means that you will enjoy all the pre-wedding activities and not feel stressed about coordinating your wedding. Send invites out as early as possible so that your guests can plan for their travel and make necessary arrangements.

Hire Local Vendors

There’s no denying the fact that planning a destination wedding is arduous work. All of the back and forth communication with your suppliers can be pretty overwhelming at times. Try to book local vendors for your wedding supplies and arrangements from the destination you choose to get married at. This makes things easier for you and will help you save your extra costs of their travel & accommodation. This holds true for corporate events, and most corporate event planners in Los Angeles follow this practice.

The Best Piece of Advice When Hiring Destination Wedding Planner

Planning & Organization Tools

If you plan a local wedding, you have a lot of people to get things done for you. But, pulling off a destination wedding needs some serious planning and managing skills. Creating a wedding to-do list will help you streamline your tasks and plan efficiently. Once you have everything noted in one place, you’ll be able to get things together fairly quickly and efficiently. Wedding websites are a great digital aid that includes all of the important details related to the wedding that your guests need to know. Many wedding and event management service companies in Los Angeles offer complementary services to create such wedding templates and websites.

Go for the Bargain

If you stay and book your wedding events at the same venue, you are likely to save a lot of money and get lucrative discounts from the hotels and resorts. It will also help you in saving all the transportation cost. You can also hire wedding planning and event management companies in Los Angeles to negotiate deals and get you special discounted rates. You can take full advantage of the complimentary services like free laundry or free spa visits commonly included with your package.

Remember your destination wedding is also a vacation, with friends and family, so spend some fun time and create lifetime memories.

Most Useful Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding
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The Best Piece of Advice When Hiring Destination Wedding Planner

The Best Piece of Advice When Hiring Destination Wedding Planner

Ancient castles, iconic city views, and sunny beaches are some of the romantic vistas enchanted many couples to get married in a romantic new location far away from their home. Whatever destination it may be, whether the Newport, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange or some parts of Southern California, hiring a planner for a destination wedding is indeed a challenging task.

While having a destination wedding, deciding on whether to hire a local destination planner from the hometown or some local to the destination of the wedding is in most instances a huge debate within the brides and grooms.

Wedding Planner from Hometown or the Wedding Destination: Make the right choice

If you have decided to have a destination wedding you and your partner will perhaps prefer to follow the KavoossiKonsulting referred by your friends or family members who little while ago had a successful wedding arranged by the company. This logically makes sense unless the company hasn’t been to the destination you have considered to tie the knot.

A little look around will take you to various wedding planners who have ample experience in arrays of popular wedding destinations. Deciding on one who is truly experienced arranging things in the locale you have decided to get married is indeed a trick. Rather than getting into the ‘kingdom of the blind’, it is good to understand the scenario of local and national wedding planning company and compare the advantages of both.

Advantages of hiring hometown wedding planners

You can meet your hometown wedding planner in person before hiring. Having someone from the hometown it becomes easy to see whether you both match well to work with and if you are not impressed with your decision you will have a lot of opportunities.

Many people have experienced slow to no response time through both phone and emails when planning out their wedding with destination wedding vendors based far away from their hometown. Most wedding coordinators based in your locality will be used in dealing with far all categories of bride personalities. Moreover, they will probably respond to you more quickly. If we talk about vendors based in some other destination, they will not have an easy and timely respond with planners they don’t know. Even if you complain about the delays your local planner will not be able to do anything.

Indeed, having a planner from your hometown, you will have a smooth conversation with the helper at your convenience as many times as your contract permits. You will have someone experienced to help you shop your wedding dress with the best possible discount; you will have someone to help you with invitations; and also, you will have someone to discuss place-card chart.

Advantages of hiring wedding planner far away from hometown

An experienced wedding planner hired from the location of your wedding destination will have a well-examined list of vendors to choose from to book entertainer, photographer, caterer, and more. With an event planner that works with your destination, you will be spending comparatively a lot less for planning your special day. There isn’t any need to explore anything unless you have discovered something new and wish your planner checks out with the same in person.

Planners local to your wedding destination will have the best understanding of activities, accommodations, and attractions to recommend to your invitees. They will have reliable contacts more than the hometown planners to help you gain discounts on several dear services and products. Unless your hometown wedding planner has organized several events and weddings at the destination you have decided to tie the knot at there isn’t any possible way he/she will be in good shape.

Wedding planners local to your wedding destination will be acquainted with the entire surrounding. Whether you want to get married on a beach, have a bonfire, or get permission to book a historical landmark for your wedding, like a lighthouse, or a fort.

How can we overlook the occasions that can bring your local wedding planner trip on your tab to the destination you have picked for your wedding. Several people traveling with your planner and number of nights they will need to stay out at the destination will add up quite a chunk over the expected budget of your wedding in comparison with destination wedding services.

The popularity of destination weddings has tremendously grown in the past few years. It is indeed the best way for a couple to make the day more beautiful, attractive, and memorable. Celebrating your special occasion with family and close friends in a unique location is very exciting. The entire process from ‘YES’ to ‘I DO’ followed with a reception far from the hometown will ideally be beautiful and pleasurable. Indeed, a professional wedding coordinator is the most important person to have to make your entire wedding from start to end go smoothly.

The Best Piece of Advice When Hiring Destination Wedding Planner
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