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Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Event Planner

Ask yourself this question,

Do you have a knack for event planning?

Do you want to pursue a career in this field?

If your answer is yes then proceed reading this blog that exclusively written on guide for becoming an event planner. It’s undeniable that event planners are the directors of big events like meetings and conferences. If you are passionate about organizing people, venue and things then you already have a hidden event planner inside you. Don’t hold, go ahead!

It is not an easy task to handle a big event successfully from a to z but these professionals are no less than magicians. Due to the lack of confidence, many people step back from choosing it as a career option, compromising with their dreams.

But you should never let fear influence your decisions. Today there are multiple paths available for you that lead you to an action-packed career in this field. It’s a fact that you cannot become an event manager overnight, you need to pass through several steps to earn the title.

To get an idea of how to become an event planner, here are the steps that you should follow.

1st step: Secure a Bachelor’s degree

What degree do I need to be an event planner?

A bachelor’s degree is strongly recommended for aspiring event managers. Though it is not a necessity here, learners can get professional guidance through relevant courses.

Some of the courses that they can opt for are our event management course, Human resource management, event sales and sponsorships, financial accounting and relationship management.

Degrees in business management, marketing public relations, communications or hospitality management also open doors for a successful career in event organizing.

2nd step: Get Experience

Having real-life experience in this field is extremely important to utilize the knowledge you have gained from your classroom training. You can begin with managing small events like college concerts, party planners, festivals and sports events or you can also go for an internship in an established event management company.

3rd step: Plan your niche

Like every other profession, it also covers a huge area of services depending on the type of event. Some professionals are generalists while others prefer to specialize in specific types of an event, which is a better option for those who want to set up their own business in the sector.

Weddings, business meetings, conferences, birthdays, mall events and fundraisers are the areas of event management where you can focus on. Research a bit about these and choose the one that perfectly fits your needs and preferences.

4th step: Build a professional portfolio

If you wish to pursue a career in an event planning service provider like KavoossiKonsulting, you need to show your skills to your potential clients or to the company where you want to do a job as an event planner.

Here comes the need for a strong portfolio. It shows your abilities as well as your experience in organizing events with photographs, press clippings, testimonials and event brochures of your previous work.

5th and final step: Earn Certification

Though certification is not required to get employed as an event planner, having it undoubtedly makes a good impression on your employer and clients. Once you start working as a certified planner, you automatically get the membership of the respective trade association which also helps you in taking up big projects and even set up your own business.

There are various certifications available depending on your career options that include-

  • Certified meeting professional
  • Certified Government meeting professional
  • Certified special event professionals
  • Certified professional in catering and events

Today event planners are highly on demand because of their magical abilities to handle public and private events within a fixed budget in the best possible way. Big events, be they personal or professional, cannot be managed single-handedly.

It demands professional assistance, team works, and good event planning skilled. With the help of these above-mentioned guidelines, you can certainly take a step forward towards your dream of becoming a successful event planner.

Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Event Planner