Turn your private or corporate events into the talk of the town! We, the best-in-class event planner Long Beach has ever seen, offer you everything you need at a competitive price. We understand that every event is special, may it be a wedding, get-together, or a simple friend’s reunion. Our professional event planners do not just consider your event as a project but as a chance to make an ever-lasting memory for you and your loved ones.

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It takes a professional eye to envision the event possibilities just by looking at the venue. Our event management and planning services in Long Beach CA have all the perks you are looking for. We have professionals who, just by one look at your venue and requirements, will give you the perfectly planned schedule in a very short time. Our event planners in Long Beach make your events look super luxurious and alluring that everyone who attends your events will feel comfortable and happy.

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Look no further, coz we offer benefits to our clients like no other event planner in Long Beach. Our event services do not only aim at looking good but making your guests and yourself feel good. With Kavoossi Konsulting, you get to express the soul of your party/event through artistic elements and perfect coordination at every step.


Six Perks of Choosing Kavoossi Konsulting

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1. Dedicated Event Coordinator

Our Long Beach event planners’ primary aim is to make your event a success. And that comes from careful coordination of every event according to the plan framed. Hence, we offer you a dedicated event coordinator who will take care of your event from the start to the very end.

2. 30-Minute Free Consultation

We offer a 30-minute free consultation for all of our potential customers. This helps you ascertain whether we are the perfect wedding & event planners in Long Beach for you. You get to understand everything about us in that session, and we get to know more about your expectations from us.

3. Custom Pricing

In uniqueness lies the magic. Every event our Long Beach event planners organize is distinct from the others. Hence, we offer you custom pricing based on the services offered to successfully conduct your private or corporate event. This keeps you safe from unnecessary hidden charges and gives you just what you wanted!

4. Best Support

With our event management and planning services in Long Beach, you get to stay in touch with professional planners for an unlimited time. Our passionate events and wedding planners in Long Beach understand that communication is the key to a successful event. Hence, they are available at all times through email, phone, FaceTime/Skype, and other forms of communication methods.

5. Detailed Timeline

Being an experienced event planner Long Beach, we have a backup of everything related to your event. And we create a detailed timeline that even an untrained eye can follow to make the event a success.

6. Aesthetic-focused

Following a unique aesthetic can make your special day even more so. Our event planners in Long Beach have a keen eye for maintaining the design aesthetic you want through and through. It is our promise that we make every nook and corner of your event venue match your primary aesthetic.

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Kavoosi Konsulting is not only a place for you to plan your event, but a magical place to make your wish for your special day come true. With our exclusive event management and planning services in Long Beach, you no longer have to worry about your event being a success. Because we have trained professionals with years of experience working just to make your auspicious day grand and triumphant. Learn more about Nedda – Your SoCal Event Planner.

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