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Are you looking for a wedding planner Palm Springs who can help you with a memorable ceremony? Do you want to hire professional wedding & event planners in Palm Springs who will deliver the wedding experience exactly you want? Then Kavoossi Konsulting is the right choice for you. With years of experience in creating wedding experiences that delight the couple and make it a ceremony that people will remember forever. We love wedding planning – and that’s why we pour our heart and soul into it to make it the best day of your life. We are the leading Palm Springs wedding planners who have successfully completed hundreds of weddings and continue to expand our client base.

Wedding Planner Palm SpringsWhen you want a luxury wedding like no other, then why shouldn’t you choose the best wedding planners in Southern California? Kavoossi Konsulting delivers the pitch-perfect luxury experience that will make your guests go wow and enable you to enjoy the special occasion to the fullest.

From the choice of flowers to the caterer, our team ensures that your wedding is a luxury experience that people have never experienced before. We create the perfect blend of class, style, and luxury for the couple to mark their special day. Not just that, we take care of all the pre-wedding celebrations as well – now ain’t that amazing?

Your Event and Wedding Planner in the Palm Springs Area

Finding a wedding coordinator in the Palms Spring area can be a challenge. There are hundreds of choices available – who should you choose? Let us tell you – the best one in the area. We provide event management and planning services in Palm Services, CA for all kinds of weddings.

Whether you want to have a small family gathering or a large ceremony with hundreds of people, our team can arrange it for you. There’s no limit for us – we have managed weddings of all shapes and sizes. While you get the full discretion to make the choices, we take care of the execution and management.

When you look at the wedding shoot, later on, we assure you that you’d be proud of the work we have done. As the topmost wedding and event planners in Palm Springs, we offer a broad scope of activities under a budget.

From organization to execution, everything goes swiftly and without any hassle. We streamline the management of every activity in such a way that you don’t have to worry whether the vendors have delivered the respective items on time or not – we have already taken care of that.

Why should you choose us for your wedding?

Because we care to create an experience that is worth remembering. As the best wedding planners in Southern California, we are known to organize weddings in multiple regions without a single complaint. Here’s why you should choose us –

  • Diverse Choices

From the selection of the venue to the direction of the platform, we offer multiple yet easy choices that simplify the process for you.

  • Tailored Services

While we do have different packages for our services, we provide custom & personalized services to meet your wedding day vision.

  • Highly Experienced

We have Palm Springs wedding planners and experts who have years of experience in managing weddings, ensuring that every detail is taken care of.

  • Peace of Mind

Our team provides you the utmost peace of mind because we offer limited interruptions so that you can feel your best on the special day.

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Meet Nedda – Your Wedding Planners in Palm Springs!

At KavoosiKonsulting, our wedding coordinator, Nedda, has managed hundreds of clients throughout California. We have professional vendors who are available when we need them and under a budget. Timely delivery is their forte, and we have always maintained good relationships with them to ensure that every wedding goes smoothly.

We offer three different packages to help you plan the perfect wedding. Our “Konsult Me Dazzle” is the most basic package wherein you take care of most of the details, including the venue and the vendors. We will assist you with finishing up all the details and provide a basic furnishing of all the activities.

The “Konsult Me Crystal” is a more advanced package that focuses on wedding planning when you know the venue and wants us to take care of the rest. We provide a complete list of vendors you can choose from and connect with them to arrange the ceremony.

Our most advanced package is the “Konsult Me Sparkle,” a custom-designed wedding planning package where we take care of everything based on your requirements. This package is also available for different events like engagement parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, housewarmings, and several others.

We don’t charge on an hourly basis – our team works on a per-project basis, making the wedding affordable for you. Our goal is to deliver the perfect wedding day under a budget. We make sure that the bride and groom are happy and don’t have to worry about a single detail of wedding planning.

Palm Springs Wedding Planner FAQs

Wedding planning starts from the day when you decide that you need to hire. We arrange everything for you. Our team works closely with different vendors to find you the right deal for your special day. You don’t have to worry about planning the wedding – we take away the stress from you.

The cost of a wedding coordinator in Palm Springs, CA depends on the kind of work they are doing. Hiring for a simple package, the cost is lower than other features packages. Generally, the wedding planner will offer you a reasonable price for the entire wedding instead of the per hour price as it is feasible for both parties.

You must discuss what kind of package the wedding planner is offering. Event management and wedding planning services in Palm Springs, CA take care of the rest. Ensure that you have all the details about the venue, guests, food, and even how the ceremony is performed to get the best experience.

Absolutely No. We are completely focused on one wedding per day. Our job is to make your wedding special, and that requires a kind of commitment. We give proper attention to your wedding, ensuring that you have our 100% active support. We are there to monitor the wedding and solve any irregularities that may arise.

Different packages for all different kinds of wedding ceremonies. As a SoCal wedding planners, we provide both full and partial wedding services depending on your requirements and wedding budgets. We have affordable wedding packages that will save money on your wedding day.

A destination wedding is one that is held far from home. It is a beautiful location where people gather together to celebrate the wedding. A destination wedding takes place at a beautiful destination, which accommodates all the guests. Destination weddings are the new trend, enabling people to get married at far-off locations.

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