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Do you want to have the perfect wedding without missing a beat? Are you and your significant longing for a wedding that people will remember? Then you need the assistance of Nedda, your wedding planner Santa Barbara who takes care of everything – from deciding the venue to the final ceremony.

Wedding Planner Santa BarbaraOur experts have successfully managed and executed countless weddings with 100% customer satisfaction. If you want to make your special day a memorable one, then hand over every activity to our experienced wedding coordinator and just focus on looking your best. We will ensure that when you look at your wedding photos, you go in awe of the arrangements.

As the leading wedding planner, Santa Barbara, we take out the stress of managing the wedding and leave you relaxed to the last moment. We understand how difficult it would be to manage the wedding – that’s why we take it from you. With seamless communication and expertise in handling vendors, our team has what it takes to make your special day a memorable one. We make the wedding enjoyable by placing everything in its right place and ensuring that every sequence of activities flows swiftly. Our custom wedding experience makes sure that you have a truly authentic ceremony.

Worried about the vendors?

We source the best vendors who ensure that everything is on time and delivered exactly when needed. Our wedding & event planners in Santa Barbara have an extensive network of vendors with comprehensive logistics capabilities to deliver everything you need for a perfect wedding. We cannot emphasize enough the attention that our team pays to detail. They make sure that even the single piece of lily is at its right place. Making the wedding experience truly enjoyable is our job, and we promise that your family and friends will have the maximum fun they have had in years.

Why Choose us for Wedding Planner in Santa Barbara area?

Looking for a wedding planner in the Santa Barbara area? Your search ends with Kavoosi Konsulting. We are one of the best wedding planners in Southern California, making sure that your wedding is the best in the area. We have so many ideas to make your wedding unique that you would love just all of them.

But still, to ensure that your work is reduced to a minimum, we provide you with the best choices for everything. It simplifies things for you, letting you focus on getting ready for the big day. As one of the top event management and planning services, Santa Barbara, CA, we have a complete idea about the ins and outs of the wedding ceremony, ensuring that no stones are left unturned.

At Kavoosi Konsulting, we offer three different packages to make your wedding a memorable one.

The “Konsult Me Dazzle” is the basic package that we offer where the bride and groom decide the venue and finalize the vendors. We will manage the finishing-up process.

The “Konsult Me Crystal” package focuses on everything starting with the vendors, except the bride and groom deciding the wedding venue.

Whereas the final package, “Konsult Me Sparkle” is a package for custom weddings that leaves everything to us. Our wedding coordinators will design the perfect experience for your wedding through unique customizations.

Your married life is an adventurous journey, and we make it smoother by giving you the perfect first experience. Don’t worry whether all guests could be seated or not, or whether the lilies are delivered or not. When we are in place, everything else is too.

As one of the leading Santa Barbara wedding planners, we stand true to our word of integrity, efficiency, and creative experience delivery. Let go of all the stress you have about the wedding and just focus on how you can look your absolute best.

Meet Your Wedding Planner

We are the best wedding & event planners in Santa Barbara – and for good reason. Several brides and grooms have trusted Nedda Kavoosi to deliver a memorable wedding experience. What we offer is an amazing opportunity to decide whether you want your marriage ceremony to be remembered or forgotten. We are known for our event management and planning services Santa Barbara, CA, because of the following reasons –

  • Custom wedding packages designed to match your style and budget
  • Personalized services for each and every aspect of your wedding ceremony
  • Award winning wedding specialists who know the ins & outs of wedding planning
  • Achieve peace of mind with our 24×7 experts who don’t stop until the wedding is done
  • Professional, passionate, and innovative team of wedding planners in Southern California

Reduce your stress to a minimum and enhance your fun and enjoyment of the wedding to a maximum. There’s no need to remember the small details of managing your wedding – we do it for you. Whatever your budget is, Kavoosi Konsulting has an option for you. Just take it easy and feel what it would be like to have the perfect wedding at the best location in the area.

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Wedding Planner FAQs

You must communicated with us to know different package we offer. Our event management and planning services in Santa Barbara, CA will take care of rest. Ensure that you have all the details about the venue, guests, food, and even how the ceremony is performed to get the best experience.

The cost hiring a wedding coordinator in Santa Barbara depends on the kind of work they are doing. For hiring a simple package, the overall cost is relatively lower than other packages. Generally, the wedding planner will offer you a price for the entire wedding instead of the per hour price as it is feasible for both parties.

Wedding planning starts from the day when you decide that you need to hire. We arrange everything for you. Our team works closely with different vendors to find you the right deal for your special day. You don’t have to worry about planning the wedding – we take away the stress from you.

Different packages for all different kinds of wedding ceremonies. Our wedding planners in Southern California offers both full wedding services and partial as well, depending on your requirements and how much you want to spend. We have affordable wedding packages that will save money on your wedding day.

No, we are completely focused on 1 wedding per day. Our job is to make your wedding special, unforgettable and that requires a kind of commitment. We give proper attention to your wedding, ensuring that you have our 100% active support. We are there to monitor the wedding and solve any irregularities that may arise.

A destination wedding is one that is held far from home. It can be a beautiful location where people gather together to celebrate your wedding. A destination wedding takes place at a beautiful destination, which accommodates all the guests. Destination weddings are the new trend, enabling people to get married at far-off locations.

Wedding Planner Santa Barbara