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Make your wedding an event that everyone remembers with the leading wedding & event management service company in Los Angeles. We design the perfect destination wedding that will capture your heart and soul. Whether you want to get married near the calm & serene beach or in a cultural centre, our wedding coordinators in Los Angeles take care of everything for you. We are trusted wedding planners who bring your destination wedding dreams to reality. Our aim is to deliver a memorable experience for your special day. Our experts solve every problem that might pop up with planning a wedding.

While you may want to plan your destination wedding – it is not an easy affair. From the type of flowers to the number of guests – everything requires careful consideration. That’s why a professional wedding event management company in Los Angeles, just like ours, is important to create the perfect destination wedding experience. We have the top decorations and wedding planners who have the capability to make your wedding look like a fairytale. We save you from a lot of trouble and enable you to focus on getting ready and looking the best on your special day.

As a trusted wedding planner and event management company in Los Angeles, we provide a host of services for your wedding. We make the planning process stress-free and save you tons of money on your destination wedding. Our wedding & corporate event planners take care of every single detail – from the arrangement to execution. Our process is thorough, and we ensure that your guests receive the kind of treatment that they can remember forever. We bring a unique perspective on wedding planning and suggest ideas that will enhance the beauty of your wedding day. Our priority is to let you enjoy your special day as much as possible while we worry about all the planning and management. Here’s how we do it –

  • We accumulate the necessary details for the wedding. Our wedding planners in Los Angeles carefully understand your requirements and suggest the best package based on the venue of your choice.


  • After that, we evaluate everything. Our team visits the wedding venue, finalizes the itinerary, calls the necessary vendors, makes arrangements for everything, gathers the venue permits, and determines the wedding party roles for everyone involved.


  • We are a reliable wedding & event management service company, that oversees the entire decoration at the venue and assists the vendors. We take care of the layout, styling, flower placement, decor – each and every single thing.


  • Finally, our wedding planners are available on site for up to 12 hours during the wedding. We provide complete guidance to you and your guests and ensure that the marriage is going on smoothly.

Luxury Wedding Planning & Design Company in Los Angeles

wedding planner Los AngelesSave yourself the stress of planning your wedding, and just enjoy the special day by calling our wedding coordinators in Los Angeles. We have the right resources who will design, decorate, and deliver the best experience for your wedding. We are a luxury wedding planner & event management company for people who want the best of everything at their wedding. Our team focuses on luxury wedding experiences at the venue of your choice. We minimize the time in wedding planning and ensure everything goes swiftly on your special day.

Our wedding & corporate event planners deliver a best-in-class experience for your wedding. We constantly communicate with you but without bothering you on every single issue. Once you clearly state your requirements, our wedding planners in Los Angeles will complete that task without any further intervention. We offer three different packages for luxury wedding planning & designs.

Konsult Me Dazzle

When you finalize the vendors and venue, our team will join you to complete all the details. We will confirm all the vendors, create a plan, and execute a timeline. We will be available for unlimited hours on your wedding day, ensuring that everything is taken care of.

Konsult Me Crystal

In this package, our wedding coordinators in Los Angeles will join you early in your planning journey. When you have decided the venue, we will help you with finalizing some or all the vendors. We will provide swift and unlimited communication through Skype, Facebook, Email, and more to keep everything in check.

Konsult Me Sparkle

The best package for custom events, Konsult me Sparkle, gives you access to everything – from assistance with guest count to finalizing the venue. We provide swift communication, are available when you want us, and create the perfect wedding experience through luxury and world-class services.

Your wedding day is the biggest event of your life. Make sure that you experience it in the best possible way. We are a wedding & event management service company in Los Angeles, creating an aesthetically appealing wedding for you. Our team ensures that you have a memorable wedding that your guests will remember forever.

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Wedding Event Planner in Los Angeles