Wedding Event Planner in San Diego

Cooperate with leading San Diego wedding and event companies to make your wedding an unforgettable wedding. We design the perfect wedding location to conquer your soul. Whether you want to get married near a quiet beach or in a cultural center, our San Diego wedding coordinator will take care of everything for you. We are reliable wedding planners who will make your wedding dreams come true. Our goal is to make your special day unforgettable. Appeared when planning a wedding. Although you can plan your wedding according to your destination, it is not easy.

Everything from the type of flowers to the number of guests must be carefully weighed. Like us, Angeles is vital to creating the perfect wedding experience. We have the best decorations and wedding planners to make our wedding look like a fairy tale. We will save you a lot of trouble, let you focus on making full preparations, and show your best on special days. As a trusted wedding planning and event management company in San Diego, we provide a series of services for your wedding. The planning process is stress-free and will save a lot of money for your destination wedding.

Our wedding and event planners will take care of every detail from the organization to the event. Our process is meticulous and we make sure that your guests get the treatment they will always remember. We provide a unique perspective for wedding planning and ideas that can enhance the beauty of the wedding day. Our priority is to ensure that you enjoy your special day as much as possible, and we will take care of all the plans. The way we work is as follows:

  • We collect the necessary data for the wedding. Our San Diego wedding planner will carefully consider your requirements and provide the best package for the location.


  • Then we evaluate everything, our team visits the wedding location, coordinates the route, calls the necessary suppliers, arranges everything, obtains the permission of the wedding location, and determines the roles of all participants.


  • We are responsible for design, style, flower arrangement, decoration, and everything. We provide comprehensive advice to you and your guests, and do our best to ensure that your marriage goes smoothly.

Luxury Wedding Planning & Management Company in San Diego

wedding plannerTo reduce the pressure of wedding planning, call our San Diego wedding coordinator and enjoy a special day. We have the resources to design, decorate and make your wedding unforgettable. We are the organizers of luxurious weddings and events. An event management company for people who want to do their best at weddings. Our team focuses on a luxurious wedding experience wherever you want. We minimize the time required to plan the wedding and ensure that everything goes smoothly on your special day.

Our wedding and company event experts will make your wedding an unforgettable experience. Once you have clarified your needs, our San Diego wedding planner will take on this task without any additional intervention. We offer three different packages to plan and decorate luxurious weddings.

Konsult Me Dazzle

You specify the supplier and venue, and our team will fill in all the details with you. We will confirm all suppliers, make plans and implement timetables. On your wedding day, we can serve you indefinitely and make sure that everything is handled properly.

Konsult Me Crystal

In this package, our wedding coordinator in San Diego will accompany you when you start your travel plans. Once you have decided on the location, we will help you complete some or all of the providers. We provide fast and unlimited communication through Skype, Facebook, email, etc., so that everything is under control.

Konsult Me Sparkle

Konsult me ​​Sparkle gives you access to everything from guest counting to the end of the event. Bless us, create a perfect wedding with luxurious and first-class service. Your wedding day is the biggest event of your life. Make sure you make the most of it. We are a wedding and event management company based in San Diego. Angeles, create a beautiful wedding for you. Our team will ensure that your wedding is unforgettable.

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Wedding Event Planner in San Diego